Birthstones by month

Find your birthstone and learn what it symbolizes

Hallmark staff
Birthstones by Month #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

The chart below lists the birthstones for every month, along with the meaning of each. Just scroll down to find yours!

Want help coming up with a birthstone (or birth flower) inspired gift? Take a look at our birthday gift ideas article.

Month Birthstone Symbolizes
January Garnet Promoter of faithfulness, love and healing of wounds
February Amethyst Wisdom, benevolence, magnanimity, truth and protection from evil; also associated with regal and noble qualities
March Aquamarine Promoter of luck, good memory and pleasant dreams; hope, health and youth
April Diamond General averter of evil—spiritual, mental and physical; also used as a battle talisman
May Emerald Aid to faithfulness and forecasting
June Pearl (or Alexandrite) Emblem of chastity and purity
July Ruby Promoter of friendship and love
August Peridot A potent love amulet; likely to have a sweet disposition
September Sapphire Promoter of chaste love, health, peace of mind and psychic vision
October Opal (or Tourmaline) Medical amulet, psychic vision
November Citrine (or Topaz) Healing quartz; support, vitality and health
December Turquoise (or Zircon/Tanzanite) Aid to love and a gentle nature
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