You’ve been booed: Halloween boo bag kit ideas for all your boo crews

A trio of assembled Halloween boo bags and baskets; one is for fans of Disney The Haunted Mansion, another is meant for small children, and the last is made for adults and includes a bottle of wine.

Creepy costumes, scary decorations, plastic pumpkin buckets brimming with candy—there’s no time like Halloween! Along with having some of the best movies, parties and decor, Halloween also has a unique sense of community…spirit.

After all, how often do we go door-to-door, dressed like goofballs, greet people with a 100-year-old chant, and then get free candy?! It’s objectively pretty wild.

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit even more this year, you might add boo bags to your trick-or-treat traditions!

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What’s a “boo”?  

A boo is a little goodie bag that you leave at someone’s doorstep, in secret. That someone could be anyone you want to surprise with some festive treats, including neighbors, friends, family or other members of your community.

The keys to a good boo are anonymity and encouragement for people to pass on the “boo” to someone else!

Classically cute boo bags  

A Halloween boo bag kit for a small child includes a Zip-Along plush spider, an itty bittys witch cat plush, a Better Together Candy Corn and Pumpkin plush set, a squeezable fruit pouch disguised as a little ghost, a card that reads

Halloween isn’t ALL about horror and things that go bump in the night. For a boo bag that works for littles and plushie-enthusiasts alike, our classically cute option is positively bewitching!

When the Zip-A-Long Black Cat Toy crosses your path, grandma’s chances of winning the lottery improve 25%. JUST KIDDING! But it isn’t unlucky. In fact, it’s pretty magical to watch the little kitty zip across the room.

Speaking of magical movement, we also have a Drop-and-Greet Spider with Sound! Don’t worry, it’s not like the drop-down-spiders in viral prank videos. It’s super cute, and much more likely to bring smiles than screams!

For even more cuteness, check out our Candy Corn and Pumpkin Better Together (coming soon)! Gift the set or keep one for yourself if the giftee is someone you have a close connection with. Gotta love some generosity that gives you a cute plushie, too. 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, we also have an easy, adorable DIY you can try—a spin on the tissue paper ghost with a squeezable fruit pack hidden inside. Finally, tie the boo bag together with a cute Halloween card (coming soon), stick in this adorable “Boo to You!” pennant, and voila!

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF  

A Trick-or-Treat for Unicef box sits on a light purple surface along with a white mini pumpkin decoupaged with brightly colored tissue paper; sitting in front of the box is a pair of quarters—a seeming donation to the children Unicef supports.

Maybe you and the ones you wish to boo would prefer to get into the Halloween spirit by giving more than joy and candy. If this philanthropic spin sounds like the right fit for you, then Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is just what you’re looking for.

Kids can take a UNICEF box trick-or-treating with them and ask folks if they’d be interested in donating money to help kids around the world while they’re already donating candy. Simple as that!

You can pick up a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box at your local Gold Crown store during the month of October. For more details on how to add some meaning to your Halloweening, check out UNICEF’s website.

Just because you’re prioritizing a selfless deed doesn’t mean you can’t throw a few fun things in the boo bags. A handful of candy with a mini card could do the trick.

Fandom-approved boo bags  

A Disney The Haunted Mansion themed boo bag kit with a trio of Hitchhiking Ghosts itty bittys plush, a Folish Mortals mug, Damask Wallpaper Socks and Haunted Portrait Candy Bowl are placed in a black, open-weave metal basket with wooden handles, and accompanied by a card with paper craft witch hats on the front and a treat bag with a colored pencil sticking out the top of it, tied up to look like a witch's broom; the final touch is a free printable that explains to the recipient that they've been

Halloween is associated with some of the coolest content out there— Disney Hocus Pocus, Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and more! Why not create some boo bags that appeal to the fans in your life?

This year, we’ve got all the makings for one amazing Disney The Haunted Mansion boo bag! Encourage some cozy time with the Foolish Mortals Mug—perfect for whichever warm, autumnal drink one desires, and a real treat for the eyes. Pair it with our classy, Damask Wallpaper Socks to help fend off both natural and supernatural chills. 

Speaking of which, some cute, huggable companions might be a welcome gift for Halloween! Ironically, we suggest the Hitchhiking Ghosts itty bittys®because while ghosts can be scary, little plush ghosts are just scary cute. Plus, they glow in the dark!

You can also stash some tasty treats, or terrifying tricks, in the Haunted Stretching Portrait Candy Dish. For a more intensive project, check out our witches’ broom DIY how-to article. Pretty up the boo bag presentation with some festive tissue paper in the bottom of your basket, then top it all off with a cute witch hat card (coming soon), add that “You’ve Been Booed” printable.

Boozy boo bags  

A boozy Halloween boo bag kit for an adult that includes a bottle of wine with a free printable attached, a pumpkin-spice scented candle, a mug shaped like a cute little ghost, a handful of candy, a mini card that reads,

Grown-ups like treats, too, and they’ll definitely appreciate the convenient delivery aspect of boo bags. Make a little seasonal magic for the adult friends in your life with some boozy boo bags! 

First thing’s first: THE BOOZE! Get your friend’s drink of choice and make it Halloween-y with our free printable “You’ve Been Boo-zed” tag. You might consider throwing in a few handy bar accessories, like this pumpkin wine stopper (coming soon).

Though the boo bag is booze-themed, not everything about it has to be boozy. Include some classic cool-weather comforts, like this heirloom pumpkin-scented candle and this super cute ghost figural mug. This way, your friend’s fun can last all season. And we couldn’t help dressing up the bag with a little ghost of our own, cut out of black and white gift wrap.

To add an extra personal touch, we recommend decorating a mini pumpkin! You can paint, bedazzle or even decoupage! Write a little note on this precious mini card (coming soon), and you’ve got yourself one amazing, boozy boo bag.

Take lots of pictures to commemorate your boo bag endeavors, and please feel encouraged to share them with us by tagging @hallmark. Happy booing!


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