Gifts for New Parents: Thoughtful Things to Give and Do

New parents holding infant while infant holds dad's hand

We know what to get for babies: onesies and blankies and binkies. But what about the newly overwhelmed moms and dads? We chatted with some experienced and professionally thoughtful folks about their favorite gifts for new parents.

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Tasty gifts for new parents  

While their focus is on feeding the baby, they might not be as on top of their own meal plans. A few ways you can help:

  • Have food delivered. Whether it’s a service like Schwan’s or a local grocery store, you can send anything from midnight snacks to comfort food to full meals. Fresh fruit is a great choice: It’s healthy, easy to snack on, and handy to share with folks who drop by.
  • Delicious drinks and teas for mamas who need to stay hydrated. Drop off a grocery bag full of goodies and this recipe for a Chocolate Peanut Butter “Green” Smoothie. Or a basket full of her favorite teas and some fresh lemons.
  • Treats for distracted diners. If you’re cooking food to drop by, consider dishes that are 1) easy to eat one-handed and 2) taste great at room temperature. No-spill travel mugs that keep drinks hot or cold are a great choice, too.
  • Date night gift cards. When they’re ready, treat them to a night at their favorite restaurant and some free babysitting by their trusted friend. (If that is not you, enlist someone on their “approved” list.)

Thoughtful gestures for Baby’s new family  

Gestures don’t have to be grand. Sometimes the simplest acts will make the biggest difference in their day.

  • A little fresh air. Offer to take siblings, the dog—or even the new baby—for a stroll around the park so Mom and Dad can nap.
  • Help with tasks. Tell them you’re coming over to do the laundry and the dishes, mow the lawn, tidy the living room, or any other chores they don’t have time to get to.
  • Running errands. Before you head out to manage your own to-do list, let them know where you’ll be and ask if you can pick anything up.
  • Party at their place. OK, maybe redefine “party.” But when you can sense they’re needing some grown-up time, offer to meet them at their house instead of packing up and heading out to your regular hangout. Promise to ignore any messes.

Comforting gifts for new Moms and Dads  

Their world just got turned upside down, so parents will appreciate anything that softens the landing. What to give:

  • Nice leisurewear. During those first few weeks, they’ll appreciate wearables that feel like pajamas but are totally presentable when family and friends visit. Bonus points if they’re easy to wipe off, keep their shape with repeated wears, and don’t show spit-up.
  • Moisturizing hand sanitizer or hand lotion—all unscented. Parents (and anyone who enters the baby zone) will be keeping their mitts extra clean, and that can mean dry, itchy skin.
  • A sympathetic ear. Go over, sit with Mom, hold the baby, and let her talk about anything, everything, and everyone.
  • Sweet, sweet permission: When you send emails or voice-mails or notes or gifts, include a message that says you don’t need a response or even a thank-you note. Let them know you understand their most important priority is connecting with their little one, and you’ll be there when they need you.

A few more thoughtful gifts  

  • Your most-trusted stain remover
  • A five-year journal that lets them capture one simple thing every day
  • A box of thank-you notes, pre-stamped, and printed with their return address
  • A soft light for late-night feeding and diaper changing
  • Giant batteries for the swing and bouncer

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