Kwanzaa wishes: connect with a Kwanzaa card

Kwanzaa wishes: connect with a Kwanzaa card

During Kwanzaa, friends and family exchange messages of hope, commitment to excellence, belief in possibility, the beauty of aspiration, the importance of equality and the inevitability of success.

Share the spirit of the season with those dearest to you with a Kwanzaa card. Here are some suggestions along with some helpful note starters for sending warm Kwanzaa wishes to loved ones both near and far.

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Choose a card  

Look for a Kwanzaa card that:

  • Expresses a wish for the recipient and the community in the new year.
  • Reflects cultural pride and the power of pulling together.
  • Authentically voices the language of Kwanzaa or depicts powerful cultural imagery.


Add a personal touch  

Make your card extra meaningful with these simple ideas:

  • Add family or community stories, wishes for a prosperous year or promises to service.
  • Enclose drawings of cultural symbols; attachments of red, black and green ribbons; a strip of adinkra, kente, or mud cloth; or some other cultural favor.


Include a warm wish  

Try these note starters and seasonal blessings:

  • “Kwanzaa yenn iwe ha heri! (Kwanzaa happiness to all of you!)”
  • “May a Happy Kwanzaa be followed by a happier year!”
  • “May you enter the New Year with all the promises the Nguzo Saba hold!”