What to write: 238 short, sweet and funny gift card message ideas

A gift card with a handwritten message on the flap that reads,

There are some people who are inclined to say that gift cards are impersonal. But we’re here to offer the opinion that gift cards can be just as thoughtful as a physical gift. In fact, there are several situations in which a gift card can be incredibly meaningful. 

But, just like greeting cards, it’s the words from you that make a gesture special. So we got our writers to come up with gift card message ideas for every giving situation we could think of. From groceries to spa days and “just because” to birthdays, here are dozens of ideas for messages to accompany your gift card.


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Short and Simple  

These gift card message ideas are great for when you want the gesture of giving the gift itself to do most of the talking. They’re short, sweet wishes that let them know you care!

  • You’re the best.
  • So grateful for you.
  • Yay for you!
  • You’re a really great human.
  • You deserve all the nice things.
  • Spend it on something you love!
  • Just a little something from me to you.
  • Get whatever you want!
  • For impractical purchases only.
  • Go get that serotonin rush!
  • Three words: Add. To. Cart.


These days, couples are marrying later in life, which means they’re much more likely to be set with towels and dishes. So a gift card is a fine way to help the happy couple start their new life. (Better yet, gives them something to do together—shop!) Add one of these ideas for wedding gift card messages, and you’ve got a sweet gift they’ll appreciate.

  • Remember, you’ll probably have to share this.
  • To love!
  • For those his ’n’ hers towels. Or something.
  • Travel money for your trip to happily ever after.
  • For the happy couple to happily spend.
  • Fun fact: Wedded bliss often involves shopping.
  • Cheers to you two!
  • You chose each other. Now you get to choose a gift!
  • Get something newlywed-y!
  • Use this to escape from your in-laws.
  • I couldn’t log on to your registry because I forget every password ever.
  • Love is a good reason for a gift card.
  • Buy more clutter! That’s the marriage way.
  • Great news! You won’t have to return this.


Gift cards are such a great birthday gift. Even the best gift-getter has to admit that since birthdays come around EVERY YEAR…you kinda start to run out of ideas eventually! Pair your gift card with one of these message ideas for a fun birthday present that’ll bring them joy after the big day is over.

  • I never know what to get you…but you do!
  • Gift card? Bacon? It was a really tough decision.
  • Cheers to you! Cheers to your year ahead!
  • Because you’re never too old to spend money.
  • Turning a year older calls for a little splurge, am I right? (I’m right.)
  • Because a bottle of wine wouldn’t fit in the envelope.
  • Trust me—this is better than the 60 cats I was going to get you.
  • Presents are like noses: better to pick them yourself!
  • Is your birthday wish a gift card? Because…


Yet another giving occasion that comes every year! Gift cards at Christmas are a great way to take the stress off when you’ve got a big list to shop for…or just people who are hard to shop for. Make the gift extra merry with these message ideas for Christmas gift cards.

  • I figured you’d know better than Santa.
  • Hoping this adds a little extra happy to your holidays.
  • Gift cards: Almost as magical as flying reindeer.
  • For something naughty or nice. Whichever.
  • You have 12 days of Christmas to spend this.
  • Santa needed help saving space in his sack.
  • For the thing that wouldn’t fit on Santa’s sleigh.
  • A little holiday treat from your favorite elf!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New ______! [shoes, jeans, etc.]

New Baby  

Diapers, formula, clothes, blankets, baby shampoo…and that’s just the must-have stuff! New parents are in serious need of gift cards, so they can get their preferred brands of whatever it is they need. Write them a little note using these message ideas for inspiration.

  • Now you can buy something when you’re up at 3 a.m. 
  • A little something for you and the little one!
  • Have fun getting your little cutie all geared up!
  • Even though your family feels so complete…I thought you might be able to use this.
  • For the diaper fund.
  • For a cute outfit, plus maybe one for the baby.

Thank You  

Sending a gift card along with your thank you is like the cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae—you don’t have to include it, but there’s something about it that takes it to the next level. Add some sweet words with your next-level appreciation gesture with these gift card message ideas. 

  • Soooooo thoughtful! 
  • <–Not precisely equal to my exact level of gratitude…but it’s a start.
  • Don’t worry, I still owe you. 
  • Just a little something to show my appreciation.
  • Doesn’t come close to showing you how grateful I really am.
  • Just a little thanks for the big way you showed up for me. 
  • Makes you want to do nice things for me all the time, right?
  • Now do something nice for YOU.
  • You: Great! Me: Grateful!


No recent grad is going to complain about getting money as a gift, no matter how old they are. These short, snappy gift card messages are a fun way to tell your grads congrats and help them celebrate at the same time.

  • See? It was all worth it! Right??
  • You’ve got all that learning. Here’s a little something to go with it!
  • Caps in the air like you just don’t care.
  • Dream big! (Here’s some dream fuel to help.)
  • Adulting is hard. Hopefully this helps.
  • I promise not to grade you on how you spend this.
  • Tonight’s homework: Spend this.
  • You were smart enough to do THAT, so you can figure out how to spend THIS.
  • You did it! So I did this.


Know someone who just achieved a major milestone or goal they were striving for? Help them revel in their personal win with a gift card and a supportive little message. 

  • Way to go…shopping! 
  • This calls for shopping!
  • This is a big deal. Now go spend like a big deal.
  • Treat yourself. You’ve earned it.
  • You deserve a round of applause—and this, too.
  • Hope you can use this to celebrate!
  • Way to go! Here’s some dough!
  • You did it! Now spend it!

New Home  

Furniture, tools, smoke detectors, guest bathroom hand towels…new homeowners have to buy ALL. THE. THINGS. Give them a hand with all that hassle. Just pair it with one of these gift card message ideas for a gesture they’ll love you for.

  • I hope you can use this on something you need for your new place!
  • Happy nesting!
  • Hope this makes your sweet home even homier.
  • Enjoy making your new place a home!
  • Hope this helps get you that thing that brings the cozy to your new place.
  • Hope you dig your new digs.
  • Get one of those “Home Sweet Home” plaques.
  • Take your homebody out shopping!
  • WELCOME to this gift card.

Accident or Illness  

When someone’s been in an accident or is experiencing serious illness or health problems, it’s hard to find mental space to think about the necessities. A gift card for these folks can come across as especially helpful and, along with one of these messages, meaningful, too.

  • Just a little something to say I’m thinking of you.
  • This comes with all my best thoughts for your recovery.
  • Hope this helps bring a smile to your day.
  • You deserve all the feel-good you can get.
  • Wishing you all the goodness in the world and all the _______ this gift card can buy.
  • Sending you good vibes with this gift card! 
  • So sorry you’re dealing with so much! Hope this makes things 1% better.

Significant Other  

You’d like to think you’d never have to buy your significant other a gift card, but after 20-some-odd-years of marriage and countless birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, they might really just appreciate that opportunity to get exactly what they want. And that’s 100% okay. Just make sure you write something sweet or funny to go with it.

  • You don’t have to spend this on lingerie. I’m just saying if you wanna…
  • I am bad at gifts! (But you know this.)
  • I know I love ya…but I don’t always know what to get ya.
  • It’s better than me trying to shop for you, right?
  • You deserve the best. Which is why I didn’t try to shop for you.
  • I’m not great at coming up with gifts. Thank goodness I’m sexy.

Family Member  

What do you get your adult siblings that they can’t already get for themselves? Or your parents for that matter?? At this point, it’s about showing them you know them. And a gift card to their favorite place is a great way to do that. Include one of these gift card message ideas and you’re set.

  • Don’t tell the others you got this. 
  • Wish I could be there to give this to you myself—miss you!
  • This is for that one time when that one thing happened.
  • Sending hugs, kisses and this little gift to let you know I’m thinking of you!
  • If you want to spend part of this on your favorite family member, who am I to stop you?
  • Because this family shops!


White elephant gifts. Work anniversaries. Making you laugh after you bombed that horrible presentation. There are tons of reasons you might get your co-worker a gift card! But if you’re worried it’ll come off weird (it won’t), pairing it with one of these gift card message ideas is a good way to make it feel less like you’re just giving them money.

  • Thanks for making this place bearable. 
  • Thanks for being such a great friend/co-worker!
  • So glad to work with you. Consider this a bonus!
  • Thanks to the most amazing work buddy!
  • HR-approved love from me to you.
  • Apparently, you mean this much to me.
  • For laughing at all my text reactions in meetings.

College Student  

College is crazy expensive. Add the fact that they have little time to actually work and you’re looking at a seriously strapped student. That’s why a gift card for the heck of it can really mean so much. Here are some ideas for a message to send along with it.

  • I was in college once, so I knew just what to get you.
  • Trust me, you’ll need this.
  • College throws a lot at you at once. Hope this helps.
  • Now you can afford textbooks. Or food.
  • Because pizza ain’t free.
  • Because it’ll be a while before you’re makin’ the big bucks.
  • Get yourself some “brain food.” (Yes, pizza is brain food.)


Someone with a solid coffee habit might hold back on their daily order in an effort to be budget conscious. But your gift card lets them get that double-blended, extra shot, with whip thing that they only treat themselves to occasionally. Here are some message ideas that will warm their hearts while their coffee is warming their belly.

  • Stay caffeinated, my friend.
  • Something hot for someone…who has a lot of nice qualities. 
  • Americanos, lattes, frappes…get your caffeine fix!
  • Hope they spell your name right.
  • For my friend who knows beans.
  • This is grounds for fun.
  • Just because you’ve bean on my mind.
  • Warm, brown elixir of life, we pray to thee.
  • Get yourself a double whatever with an extra shot of something.
  • Because you’re BREWtiful.
  • Get ya some sugar! (With a little coffee added in.)
  • Don’t burn your mouth. You’re already hot enough.
  • Always fashionably latte!
  • Here’s to more coffee dates!
  • Coffee! It’s like having a great friend around when I’m not there.


Buying them a gift card for their favorite store? That shows you know them pretty well, in our opinion. Whether they love makeup, shoes, clothes or sporting goods—or all of those things—hopefully these message ideas will help make your gift card feel extra special.

  • So you can keep looking better than me.
  • Do your thing!
  • Time to say buy-buy!
  • Hope it’s all half off!
  • Shopping spree on me.
  • Go wild!!
  • Get some glamorous looks!
  • Keep looking fresh and fabulous.
  • Trust me—this is better than me shopping for you!
  • Spend some time spending some money.
  • Please enjoy this less-versatile money.

Movie Theater  

They’re the type of person who waits in line for midnight showings. Of course a movie theater gift card would be right up their alley! Here are some fun ideas for messages to go along with it.

  • BYO red carpet 
  • Blockbuster, indie, animation, it’s your call!
  • Can’t wait for your review of this movie.
  • Enjoy the popcorn!
  • For your screen room.
  • Don’t blow it all on popcorn! Or do. It’s your choice really.
  • Go see something as epic as you are!
  • Go see another rom-com (on me this time).
  • Let me guess…you’re going to see a movie where stuff blows up. 


We all reach a point where we could use a little extra attention. If you’re giving someone a gift card for a spa day, or even a massage or service like a manicure or pedicure, these gift card message ideas should come in handy.

  • Spoil yourself!
  • Don’t eat the eye cucumbers. 
  • Pamper yourself pretty!
  • Everyone needs a spa day!
  • Indulge, darling.
  • Go spa yourself!
  • Because you’re so spa-cial.
  • You deserve all the relaxation.
  • Rest and relaxation are in your future.
  • I’m there for you on rough days and spa days.

Hallmark Gold Crown  

Trust us, there are people out there who would be SO HAPPY to get a Gold Crown gift card. Like Keepsake Ornament collectors. Or those people who always have little gifts on hand for others. Or your Aunt Vicky—you’ve seen her gift-wrapping station, right? If you got them a Gold Crown gift card, we’ve got message ideas to make them smile.

  • The best for the best.
  • Have a Hallmark moment already.
  • Your new favorite ornament is on me.
  • Now you can get all the gift-card cards you want!
  • You don’t have to buy me a thank-you card with this.
  • You’re so thoughtful, I got you something to help you keep doing that.
  • You’re a Hallmark card personified, so I had to get you this.
  • Get something for yourself next time you go to Hallmark.
  • To you, gift wrapping is an art. So here’s a little something for art supplies.


Whether it’s a college student in need of soup cups or someone struggling with a family illness, there’s no blessing like a gift card to help you afford the necessities. Let them know how happy you are to be there for them with these ideas.

  • There are all kinds of good things in store! 
  • Make your own food pyramid. 
  • You eat food, right? I know you so well.
  • I won’t judge if you spend it all on Cheetos.
  • Dinner’s on me!
  • Think of this as edible plastic.
  • Add some stuff to cart.
  • Pro tip: The grocery store has wine.
  • Just wanted to help out a little.
  • Here’s to your dreams of being an elite home cook.

Meal Delivery  

Like gift cards for groceries, meal delivery gift cards can really come in handy. Whether you’re giving them in a time of need (new baby, recovering from an accident or illness, etc.) or you just want to spoil them a little, here are some gift card message ideas to accompany your thoughtfulness.

  • Get you some yum!
  • Bon appétit!
  • Trust me, this is better than a home-cooked meal from me.
  • Don’t forget dessert. You definitely deserve it.
  • Watch carefully…dinner is almost here.
  • Dinner is on its way (soon)!
  • Because we just too pretty to cook.
  • This is between you and your arteries. 
  • Always get the fries.
  • I’m buying.
  • Not cooking is the most delicious of all.
  • What’s a stove, am I right?
  • Gourmet dinners. There are people for this. Not me, but you know, other people.

Favorite Restaurant  

From fancy sit-down places to the best burger joint in town, we all have a favorite restaurant. With a gift card to their favorite spot for sustenance, you’re showing you know them AND treating them to something nice. Here are some options for messages to go along with it.

  • You deserve all your favorite things today!
  • Hope your birthday is just delicious!
  • Get that dish you love! With food on it!
  • Don’t forget the wine!
  • Get what you love, love what you get.
  • Only the best food for you.
  • Yummy for you! 
  • Another trip around the sun calls for a trip to your favorite restaurant.
  • Another reason to dress up! (Or dress down!)
  • Ask for the dessert menu.

Music Downloads  

Music is a language we all understand. If you have a true music lover in your life, sometimes a gift card for some new tunes is the best present ever. And we’ve got inspiration for messages that’ll totally be their jam.

  • Enjoy some great music on me!
  • Not bragging, but this gift rocks! 
  • No bread, just jams! 
  • You’ve got great taste in music, so you should know what to do with this.
  • The gift of music. You’re welcome!
  • Some tune-age for you-nage.
  • New hears for your ears!
  • Download those favorite jams and dance.
  • Add something great to your playlist!
  • Find a song to get stuck in your head.
  • Play a little.
  • Tune in to a good day.
  • ’Cause you’re very melodious.


We all know travel isn’t cheap. For the ones with wanderlust in their hearts, your gift card means the world…literally. Have some fun wishing them bon voyage with these message ideas for travel gift cards.

  • Enjoy your trip!
  • Souvenirs appreciated. 
  • Send me a postcard with a kitten on it.
  • You can use this next time I’m being really annoying.
  • Just in case you ever get tired of [Kirksville]. Hey, it could happen.
  • It’s a big world out there…go explore it!
  • I hope this comes in handy on your adventure!
  • Get outta here!
  • Escape to someplace pretty!
  • Time for a passport!
  • Get out of Dodge.
  • Go where no YOU has gone before.
  • Need a travel buddy?
  • Rack up some reward miles!
  • Here’s an excuse to escape.

Online Gift Card  

Just because a gift is convenient doesn’t mean it has to be impersonal! You can still add a few heartfelt or fun words to make it special—yes, even in that tiny little box they give you to write in. Here are some online gift card messages that keep things short and sweet.

  • Don’t spend this one on the kids. It’s all for you!
  • Consider this your permission slip for a mini shopping spree.
  • A little late-night shopping with a gift card never hurt anyone (probably).
  • It’s always shopping time.
  • Because you’ve always been the one who could pick out great gifts.
  • Gift yourself!

Bottom line: Pretty much everyone loves (and can use) a gift card. The key to making it feel personal is adding a short, sweet or funny message to really drive home how much you care.