Valentine’s Day gift ideas perfect for each zodiac sign

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We all know someone who’s a little obsessed with astrology. They love to check their daily horoscope, ask everyone they meet what their sign is (then judge them accordingly) and blame Mercury retrograde for why they keep losing their keys.  

If this sounds like you or your partner, we’ve made the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide to celebrate love based on their zodiac sign. From card and gift ideas to special ways to spend the day, they’ll be thanking the stars to have you by their side!

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While you’re welcome to read the whole guide (who doesn’t love learning a new thing or two about all the signs?), you can jump straight to the sign you’re looking for by clicking on the links below.

Aries-The Fiery Lover  

An illustration of a ram, the Aries zodiac sign.

(March 21–April 19)

You know those people who walk into a room and just OWN the place? That’s an Aries for you. Passionate, confident and daring, this sign isn’t afraid to have all eyes on them and take risks. 

Valentine’s Day is a time to share exciting adventures together and celebrate living life a liiiittle on the edge (safely, of course!).

What makes their heart melt:

  • Spontaneous adventures (think last-minute road trips or skydiving)
  • Surprise parties
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Amusement parks
  • Healthy competition (think board games, sports or video games)


Things they might need to hear:

Aries love a bit of fun competition, and they don’t mind knowing someone will work a little for their heart. They want to know they’re worth fighting for, even on their not-so-great days. Let these messages inspire you when you go to sign your Valentine’s Day card.

  • “You’ll always be my first choice.”
  • “I’ll always go the extra mile for you.”
  • “Our love is worth fighting for.”


A card we suggest: This musical, 3D pop-up card. Because “I love you more” is probably a thing they play-fight you over.

Gift ideas for your Aries love: 

  • A gift certificate for a fun activity like indoor skydiving or go-karting
  • A statement piece of clothing or jewelry to help them stand out
  • Tickets to a concert (bonus points if it’s an artist they haven’t seen before)
  • Something on the nicer side they want but wouldn’t buy for themselves, like a high-end blender or something random like a fancy waffle maker

Taurus-The Supportive Sweetheart  

An illustration of a bull, the Taurus zodiac sign.

(April 20–May 20)

While they’re known for being stubborn hotheads (hence the bull symbol), this quality is actually reflective of their loyal nature and deep commitment to the people and things they love most. If you need someone to make you belly laugh after a breakup, they’ll be there. If you need a ride from the airport at 3 a.m., they’ll be there, too. 

Taureans are also hardworking, easy to talk to and great thinkers. They want Valentine’s Day to be all about intimate, chill quality time with their person. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • A home-cooked meal made with love (they’re major foodies)
  • Random “why I love you” paragraphs
  • Hearing “this made me think of you”
  • Proving your commitment to them (such as scheduling time to meet their family and including them in future plans)
  • Spending lazy days at home on the couch together


Things they might need to hear: 

Taureans are used to being the reliable, dependable one. Let them know that they can lean on you to be an anchor of support when they need help, too. Consider including one of these sweet messages in your Valentine’s Day card to them. 

  • “You don’t always have to be strong for me.”
  • “Thank you for constantly being there and showing up for me.”
  • “I appreciate how much you pour into my life. I hope you know that you can lean on me sometimes, too.”

Cards we suggest: This one or this one. Either will speak to their food-loving ways.

Gift ideas for your Taurus love:

  • Their favorite foods (make these sweet Val Day treats yourself!)
  • A spa day certificate to help them relax
  • A blanket for your chill days at home 
  • Replace something they’ve had for a while that needs an upgrade, like that old pair of roller skates or those headphones that barely work anymore!

Gemini-The Free Spirit  

An illustration of two swans, representing the Gemini zodiac sign.

(May 21–June 20)

“Go with the flow” Geminis are highly intellectual, curious and the life of any party. This air sign loves exploring the world and frowns at anything that tries to stifle their creativity. 

You’ll usually find them somewhere juggling five hobbies, learning a new skill and making everyone in the room their new best friend. On Valentine’s Day, they want to keep that excitement going with their favorite person. 

What makes their heart melt:

  • Trying new things together
  • Letting them vent about their passions
  • Traveling to new places
  • Meeting new people
  • Activities that help them learn or offer a challenge (think puzzles and intellectual games) 


Things they might need to hear:

Geminis are hard to pin down, and they might worry that their free-spirited nature comes off as unreliable or fickle. Assure them that your love is strong enough to last even when you’re apart. Adding one of these messages to a Valentine’s Day card will give them something to reassure them down the road.

  • “Whether we’re together or apart, my love for you stays the same.”
  • “I love your adventurous, curious spirit. I hope it never changes.”
  • “Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams and try new things. I’m glad we’re doing our own journeys side by side.”  


A card we suggest: This ferris wheel card that speaks to their adventure-loving nature and reminds them how lucky you feel to be by their side.

Gift ideas for your Gemini love:

  • A puzzle to spark their love of a good mental challenge
  • Posters of places they want to travel to for inspiration
  • A travel journal to document all their adventures
  • Matching jewelry to feel close whenever you’re apart

Cancer-The Starry-Eyed Romantic  

An illustration of a crab, representing the Cancer zodiac sign.

(June 21–July 22)

Cancers are the sensitive people in your life who just LOVE love. They don’t miss a wedding, watch ALL the romance movies and can usually be found somewhere pouring their heart out to a journal (or that one ex, unfortunately). 

To them, Valentine’s Day is a time to go all out, be extra mushy and create a feeling of magical, fairy-tale love. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Love notes hidden in random places
  • Quality time with their family and friends
  • Sentimental items like scrapbooks or personalized photo albums
  • A playlist of songs that reminds you of them
  • Their favorite childhood candy
  • A scavenger hunt date with clues that reference how you fell in love (see our tips here!)


Things they might need to hear:

Cancers value security; they want to know that they can show their weirdest (and worst) flaws and still be loved unconditionally. Let them know that you won’t be scared off because they dip their PB&J in grape juice or occasionally wake them up to not-so-great singing. Putting it down in writing in a Valentine’s Day card will make it that much more meaningful.

  • “I appreciate how you accept everything about me—good and bad.”
  • “Thanks for always making the effort to make life feel special.”
  • “You always go above and beyond for me. How can I do more for you?”


Cards we suggest: This mini card with the tiniest puppy, to appeal to their love of all things cute. Or this video greeting card that lets you tell the story of your love with photos and videos set to music, which they can download and keep.

Gift ideas for your Cancer love:

  • Fuzzy socks to warm their feet AND their heart
  • Stuffed animals or cute plush like these to cuddle up with when you’re not around
  • Actually, anything adorable and squishy!
  • A custom snow globe that speaks to their dreamy side
  • A locket with a picture of you two to center them on less-than-stellar days

Leo-The Big-Hearted Lion  

An illustration of a lion, representing the Leo zodiac sign.

(July 23–August 22)

Leos are known for being the theater kids of the zodiac signs—they live for the dramatics, love being center stage and know how to put on a show. However, their kind, caring hearts are often overlooked. 

While Leos do love to embrace their confidence, they also enjoy encouraging the people closest to them to own their gifts and create their own spotlight. To them, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to shine alongside their S.O. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Being acknowledged for their achievements
  • Helping others embrace their best qualities
  • Extravagant things (do we even need to explain…)
  • Small gatherings where they’re the guest of honor
  • Bear hugs


Things they might need to hear:

While Leos can seem effortlessly confident, they have their personal doubts and insecurities like everyone else. Let them know it’s OK to be vulnerable with you and that they can shine even in the subtle, understated moments. Include a sweet message in their Valentine’s Day card to make them feel extra loved.

  • “I hope you know that you don’t always have to seem put together with me. I love you even when things aren’t perfect.”
  • “Thank you for cheering me on and pushing me out of my comfort zone, even when you don’t feel your best. You inspire me to believe in myself.” 
  • “We all deal with silent battles, doubts and insecurities. Just know that if you ever need to vent about something, I’m here.”


A card we suggest: This card that leaves absolutely no doubt how much you love them.

Gift ideas for your Leo love:

  • Tickets to a concert, play or musical—give them the dramatics!
  • A cool item related to something personal they love (think vinyl records, posters or Keepsake Ornaments)
  • This interactive plush hippo to match their “star of the show” energy
  • Cologne or perfume to keep all eyes AND noses on them

Virgo-The Poised Perfectionist  

An illustration of flowers, representing the Virgo zodiac sign.

(August 23–September 22)

Think of the most organized, practical, detail-oriented person you know, then sprinkle in being caring and kindhearted. Chances are, that person is a Virgo! These notorious perfectionists are known for being smart and “Type A,” but they don’t get nearly enough recognition for being thoughtful and charming as well.  

On Valentine’s Day, they want things to be extensively planned out and executed thoroughly (with love, of course). 

What makes their heart melt:

  • Color-coded charts and lists
  • Being organized
  • Spending hours learning about their newest passion
  • Movies and books with rich, detailed lore 
  • Teaching others (which includes being a bit of a teacher’s pet sometimes…we still love you!)


Things they might need to hear:

Virgos might worry that their perfectionist tendencies are frustrating or annoying to their partner. Let them know you appreciate the effort they put in to making things better—even if they get a little carried away sometimes. Write it in a cute Valentine’s Day card to create a sweet gesture that lasts.

  • “You are always trying to improve things and see how the world can be better; it’s one of my favorite things about you!”
  • “I appreciate the energy you pour into taking care of the little things, like remembering the important dates and planning ahead. It really means a lot.”
  • “It’s amazing how you consistently put your best foot forward and pour your heart into whatever you do. Just know that you don’t need to be perfect for me though—I love you just the way you are!”


A card we suggest: This mini card that wraps up how you feel in a neat little package.

Gift ideas for your Virgo love:

  • This adorable Disney perpetual calendar to keep them on track 
  • A coloring book and markers to help them have fun—they’ll probably keep it neat and color perfectly in the lines, but oh well
  • A planner to keep them organized 
  • DIY craft or Lego kits they can pour hours into perfecting and building 

Libra-The Peacekeeper  

An illustration of a set of scales, representing the Libra zodiac sign.

(September 23–October 22)

Libras are kind of like the bossy but loving oldest sibling of the zodiac signs. They’re usually the voice of reason, settling conflict, suggesting compromises and remaining a neutral party in any disagreement. 

This friendly air sign is also creative, good at nearly everything on the first try and an occasional social butterfly. Their perfect Valentine’s Day includes peace and tranquility alongside their love. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Settling disputes
  • Late-night talks with the people they love
  • Long phone calls 
  • Giving good advice
  • Sending them random memes


What they might need to hear:

Libras are used to people coming to them for advice and to vent about their problems. They need to know that when it’s their turn to share and get support, you’ll be waiting with open arms. Write one of these in a Valentine’s Day card to help make your meaningful message last.

  • “You give such great advice to everyone else, but don’t forget to let yourself lean on others, too.”
  • “You don’t always have to be the listener. Your problems are just as important and deserve to be heard.”
  • “I’m always here to listen when you need me. No problem is too big or small for us to tackle together.”


A card we suggest: A card that expresses just how much they’re loved for exactly who they are.

Gift ideas for your Libra love:

  • Something they mentioned they wanted a while ago but probably thought you forgot about, like that necklace or pair of shoes they said they liked at the mall 
  • This recordable heart plush with a message about what you love about them.
  • An audiobook so THEY can be the listener for a change
  • This mini mantras sticker pack to keep them fired up

Scorpio-The Passionate Partner  

An illustration of a scorpion, representing the Scorpio zodiac sign.

(October 23–November 21)

If there’s one thing to know about Scorpios, it’s that they’re passionate—about people, their interests, work, their pets—basically everything! They love pouring their heart into the things that matter most to them.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to return their effort. They want to spend the day feeling appreciated, adored and connected with their other half. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Sitting side-by-side at restaurants (they don’t care who judges)
  • Secret handshakes
  • Holding hands 
  • Telling each other secrets
  • Bonfires


What they might need to hear:

Scorpios might worry that their intense, passionate nature comes off as overbearing or intense. Assure them that you aren’t scared off when they spend hours locked away mastering a new guitar solo or finding a new passion to obsess over. Committing your comforting words to writing in a Valentine’s Day card is something they’ll appreciate.

  • “I admire how much you pour yourself into things! That level of dedication and commitment is beautiful.”
  • “Your passion is my favorite thing about you. It makes me feel so loved and seen.”
  • “I love that even with all the things you’re so passionate about, you make me your first priority.” 


A card we suggest: This video greeting card packed with all your favorite photo and video memories together. They can download the video to keep, but they can also share it on social—which they probably will, to show everyone how amazing you are together.

Gift ideas for your Scorpio love:

  • Donate on their behalf to a charity/cause they love
  • This adorable Cookie Monster itty bittys to make them smile (Scorpios are known for their brooding ways)
  • A basket with self-care goodies like essential oils and bath bombs
  • The “All the Feels” prompted journal—perfect for releasing all those intense emotions

Sagittarius-The Independent Heartthrob  

An illustration of a bow and arrow, representing the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

(November 22–December 21)

Sagittarians are those friends in your life always doing something outrageously cool. Whether it’s a last-minute backpacking excursion across the country or auditioning for Broadway on a whim, they thrive off of adventure and spontaneity. 

When they’re not out exploring, these individualists are probably making their friends laugh, livening up a room or deeply pondering the meaning of life. Their perfect Valentine’s Day is lighthearted, fun and full of excitement!

What makes their heart melt:

  • Exploring new places
  • Meeting other curious people
  • Long car rides
  • Big cities
  • Having a great sense of humor


What they might need to hear:

Sagittarians are always looking for a new adventure and feel most comfortable doing things solo. Let them know that you understand their need to recharge and have alone time. By writing some thoughtful words like these in a Valentine’s Day card, you’ll be giving them a helpful reminder on days they’re doubting themselves.

  • “I love the way you see the world! You inspire me to take risks and be more adventurous like you.”
  • “Don’t ever feel bad about taking time for yourself when you need it. I’ll always be here to support you!”
  • “I know you feel your best when you get some alone time, and that’s OK! When you need me, I’m here.”


A card we suggest: This card that perfectly captures their needs on any adventure with you.

Gift ideas for your Sagittarius love:

Capricorn-The Calm Cookie  

An illustration of a goat, representing the Capricorn zodiac sign.

(December 22–January 19)

Capricorns are the people you call when you need honest advice, a reliable gym partner and someone to help plan your budget for the year (yes, they will make you cut down on that daily Starbucks run). 

This sign is practical, ambitious and known for overachieving. Their ideal Valentine’s Day is thoughtful but not flashy or too expensive.  

What makes their heart melt:

  • Thrifting together
  • Piggy banks
  • Cool vintage finds
  • Vision boards
  • Dad jokes


What they might need to hear:

Capricorns are used to being the “strong friend” that others can rely on for support and help. Remind them that it’s OK to ask for help sometimes and not have everything together. Put that reminder in ink inside a Valentine’s Day card to make that message stick!

  • “I know how hard you work at everything you do, but don’t forget to pause sometimes. You’re doing great!”
  • “I appreciate how you’re always ready to help, but it’s OK to need that from others, too!”
  • “Thank you for being my rock who I can always depend on. I hope you know that I’m always here to support you, too.” 


Cards we suggest: This Signature Studio card. Or this one. Or this one. Oh! Or this one. They’re all cards that express your love simply and sweetly, and speak to your person’s practical but sensitive soul.

Gift ideas for your Capricorn love:

  • An adorable Peanuts® Snoopy plush for when they need to relax a little
  • A book to read during their alone time
  • This Snoopy piggy bank to help them save (they can be cheapskates!)
  • A foot mask to make them sit and do some self-care

Aquarius-The Sentimental Superhero  

An illustration of a jar of water, representing the Aquarius zodiac sign.

(January 20–February 18)

Aquarians are selfless humanitarians at heart, always working to help others or see the “big picture” of an issue. They never forget to recycle, love sharing their creative (sometimes outlandish) ideas and march to the beat of their own effortlessly amazing drum. 

While they don’t always openly show their soft side, this sign dreams of saving the world (and they’ve got a detailed plan on how to do it). On Valentine’s Day, they want to feel appreciated and deeply connected to their person. 

What makes their heart melt:

  • Earth Day (part of saving the world means taking care of the planet, which they love to do)
  • Nature documentaries
  • Sketchbooks filled with half-finished artwork
  • Paper straws
  • Museums (especially ones where they can touch stuff and question everything)


What they might need to hear: 

When they aren’t busy campaigning to save the turtles or out volunteering, Aquarians might wonder if their efforts are being appreciated. Let them know that you support the work they do to make the world a better place. A sweet message like one of these inside a Valentine’s Day card will feel like a gift to someone who loves holding on to keepsakes.

  • “It’s beautiful getting to watch you in your element fighting to change the world.”
  • “The little things you do matter, too. You don’t have to solve everything in a day.”
  • “I’m proud of you the passion and effort you put into making this world a better place. It doesn’t go unnoticed!”  


A card we suggest: This pop-up card that looks like a snake plant, to appeal to their love of all things green and growing.

Gift ideas for your Aquarius love:

  • Seeds to start a garden (and this plant care journal to match!)
  • A fun art class such as pottery or watercolor painting
  • This art doodle book to keep them feeling inspired 
  • An instant camera to help them enjoy the moment

Pisces-The Sensitive Softie  

An illustration of two fish, representing the Pisces zodiac sign.

(February 19–March 20)

Pisces are soft-spoken, empathetic and are usually living in their own fantasy world. Known for their creative nature, these gentle fish can easily bring one of their daydreams to life through some form of art. 

They love showing others that sensitivity is a gift we can all tap into. They want their Valentine’s Day to be full of romance, relaxation and rejuvenation.  

What makes their heart melt:

  • Candles
  • Movies that make them cry 
  • Bath bombs
  • Yoga
  • Playlists with calming music


What they might need to hear:

Pisces are often teased for being overly sensitive and too emotional. Assure them that their gentle nature is a positive thing, and write it in a Valentine’s Day card to help them remember on hard days. 

  • “Your presence is so healing and allows me to be vulnerable.”
  • “Thanks for always making me feel so safe, comfortable and cared for with you.”
  • “I feel so honored that you share so much empathy and kindness with me.”


A card we suggest:

Gift ideas for your Pisces love:

  • Candles to complement their healing aura
  • This gorgeous Disney mug to help them daydream while sippin’ a warm drink
  • The I Love You Bear plush to match how sweet they are
  • A karaoke machine for lots of fantasy concerts


We hope our guide gave you some inspo on how to celebrate your favorite person for Valentine’s Day—zodiac-style of course! May the stars align to give you and your other half a day full of love, fun and NO Mercury retrograde mishaps.