Baby Otter Cupcakes

Baby Otter Cupcakes

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet at all, you’ve watched adorable otter videos. They hold hands! Mommies teach their babies how to swim! They have the sweetest whiskers! Turns out they also make redonkulously cute cupcakes. This easy otter cupcake recipe uses basic cupcakes and frosting along with a few jelly beans, chocolate chips, and gel frosting to make the otter come to life. They are perfect for an animal or zoo-themed kids birthday party or a rainy day decorating party with mom!

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1 box white cake mix (or any unfrosted cupcakes)
12 regular cupcake liners
Dark chocolate frosting
Lighter chocolate frosting (or dark chocolate frosting mixed with a bit of white frosting)
Chocolate chips
Black jellybeans
Black gel frosting


  1. Make the cupcakes and let them cool completely. (We used boxed cake mix to create the base for our otters, but any cupcakes without icing will work.)
  2. Frost the entire cupcake with dark chocolate frosting. (We used an offset spatula but a flat knife would work as well.)
  3. Add lighter chocolate frosting in a v-shape to create the lower portion of the face.
  4. Add chocolate chips for ears and eyes.
  5. Add half a jellybean for the nose, using a tiny bit of additional frosting if necessary.
  6. Pipe mouth, ears, and whiskers using black gel frosting.
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