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Cupid’s Cupcakes

Cupid’s Cupcakes- Valentine's Day Cupcake

Cupid hits his mark in this fabulous Valentine's Day cupcake complete with an arrow made from a wooden skewer and gummy candies. Start with a bakery-bought cupcake or make your own.

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Use already-frosted store-bought cupcakes or follow your favorite cupcake and frosting recipe
1 wooden skewer per cupcake
1 Marshmallow Peeps Vanilla Crème Heart per cupcake
Assorted gummy candies in red and/or pink
Red or pink tissue paper
Tape or glue


  1. Thread your skewer: Heart (for the tip), diamond candy, Peep, diamond candy, lips candy.
  2. Leave a little room on the skewer for some tissue paper fringe— just cut some frills and secure on the end.
  3. Plop the heart into the frosting on top of the cupcake. (A generous swirl of frosting will help keep it all balanced.)
  4. Finish it off with a ribbon and bow and maybe a gift tag.

For the candy: We used one of these hearts, two of these diamonds, and one of these lips for each cupcake.