Melted snowman cookies

Melted snowman cookies with pretzel stick arms and a chocolate star candy hat.

Looking for a quick, fun treat for a kids’ holiday party? These melted snowman cookies are adorable and fun to make together. They’re even easier to make if you use premade dough or plain bakery-bought cookies.

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Watch the melted snowman cookies come to life…


Sugar cookies (we love Bernard's sugar cookie recipe linked below, but you can use refrigerated dough or pre-made cookies, too)

Bernard’s sugar cookies

White royal icing

Bernard’s royal icing

Large marshmallows
Chocolate star candies
Pretzel sticks
Candy pearls/beads (we used black for eyes and blue for buttons)
Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (orange)


  1. Using completely cool cookies, pipe a melted “puddle” on each with royal icing.
  2. Dip a marshmallow in the icing and plop it in the puddle.
  3. Add two pretzel sticks for arms.
  4. Place a chocolate star candy on top for the hat—be sure to leave room for the black pearl eyes and orange sunflower seed nose.
  5. Add buttons to the puddle.
  6. Let icing set completely before serving.

If you would rather not make royal icing, regular white frosting (homemade or store-bought) can be substituted though this will look less “melty.”

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