Free printable 4th of July food and table decorations

A hand placing a blue striped flag food marker into a sandwich, with tented food labels marked

Most of our ideas for summer entertaining include the words “casual” and “easy.” But on patriotic holidays, we gotta dress things up with some red, white and blue. Our artists created these free printable 4th of July decorations to give a party on your porch or patio the American spirit the day deserves.

Just download and print the 4th of July decorations and read on for easy DIY instructions for sandwich/cupcake flags, place cards/food labels, cake toppers and a stars-and-stripes banner. 

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4th of July food decorations  

A cake topper, banner and food labels that feature blue and white stripes and red stars.

What you'll need  

A woman cutting out flags from the free printable page.

Pro tip: All of these Independence Day decorations involve cutting out designs and folding them in half. If you use card stock, here’s how to make folding easier: 


• Before you cut out the designs, lay your metal ruler along the dashed folding line.
• Gently (so gently!) run the tip of your craft knife down the ruler to score the line.
• Then cut everything out and fold along the lines. 

How to make 4th of July sandwich/cupcake flags  

A hand placing a blue striped flag food marker into a sandwich, with tented food labels marked

Print and cut out as many as you need of page 1 of the printable. There are five flags with blue stripes and five with red stars.

Fold each flag around a toothpick, using a glue stick or double-sided tape to hold it together.


Pro tip: These flags are great for color-coding! Use them to mark meat vs. veggie sandwiches, chocolate vs. vanilla cupcakes, etc.


How to make 4th of July food labels/place cards  

A hand placing a food placard that reads

You’ll find six foldable cards on page 2 of the printable 4th of July decorations. 

Cut and fold them and use to label the food, call out ingredients or tell people where to sit. 

Pro tip: They would also be really excellent for labeling entries in a pie-baking contest or a potato-salad taste-off…if you’re competitive types.

How to make a 4th of July cake topper  

A woman placing a DIY Fourth of July cake topper on a white frosted cake.

Cut a piece of twine a little wider than your cake. Tie each end to the top of a skewer. 

Once you’ve printed and cut out the designs on page three of the printout, space them out along the twine, then fold them over it and tape or glue them together. 

Poke the skewers into the cake. Or casserole! Or pan of brownies! We’re not going to put limits on your patriotism. 

How to make a stars-and-stripes banner  

A Fourth of July food table with a red, white and blue DIY banner hung in the background.

This one is just like the cake topper, but with bigger flags and no skewers. 

Just print as many of pages 4 and 5 as you need and fold and tape them around the twine.

Hang your banner behind the buffet table, across a doorway, along a railing or between posts. 

Pro tip: You might want to use a more substantial twine for this one—especially if you’re hanging it outside instead of against a wall. Also, printing on paper (instead of card stock) will give you a more fluttery banner.

Fourth of July food labels and flags on a table and sticking out of a sandwich.

4th of July favors and table decorations  

4th of July Crafts: Patriotic pinwheels and free printables

Patriotic pinwheels

Put the hot summer breeze to good use with these cheery, easy-to-make pinwheels. With just a few items from a craft store and 15 minutes, you can spin a hot day into a fun one. Download the instructions and printables.

4th of July Crafts: Rocket party favors and free printables

Rocket party favors

Blast off your party with these fun favors that are a cinch to make. Download the instructions and printables.

4th of July Crafts: Shooting stars garland and free printables

Shooting stars garland

Use the printables, double-stick tape and a few yards of string to make a banner for your buffet table. Or you could make a festive photo op by stringing many strands of them vertically from a tree branch or taped to a wall or fence.

Tip: For our 3D version, we used 3 circles taped together with double-stick tape and ran twine through the center hole.

4th of July Crafts: Star-spangled fans and free printables

National anthem fans

Fan the flame of patriotism with this useful craft. For each fan, download the patterned printables and print on card-stock weight paper. Cut them out and glue them back-to-back with the tip of a craft stick in between the layers. Let dry, and then keep yourself cool. When it comes time to sing the Star Spangled Banner, you’ll have a little help in case you’re a little fuzzy on any of the lyrics.

4th of July Crafts: Food picks and free printables

Patriotic food pics

Download the printables and punch out two of the circular patterns for each pick (or carefully cut them out if you don’t have a craft punch). Tape them back-to-back with double-stick tape and a toothpick tip between them.

Easy 4th of July crafts and free printables

And more...

Download our patriotic pattern printables. The large patterns are perfect for cutting into strips to wrap around paper lanterns, napkins, mason jars and beverage buckets; or tape a few together for “patchwork” placemats or a table runner.

Want more 4th of July decorations and ideas?