Free printable Mother’s Day writing prompts for kids

Our free printable writing prompts for Mother's Day page on a coral surface next to a Mother's Day card and colored pencils.

We like to think of Mother’s Day as a time to make moms feel special, celebrated and showered in love. And one of our favorite ways to do that is by getting their favorite kiddos to make ridiculously adorable things they’ll cherish forever. 

For a fun keepsake Mom will love, check out this free printable with kid-friendly Mother’s Day writing prompts that are perfect for letting her know just how adored she is.

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Get your free printable Mother’s Day writing prompts  

Our free printable writing prompts page lies on a craft mat with a pair of scissors.


First, download and print your Mother’s Day writing prompts. Once it’s ready, you and the kids can get started (this printable is adult-friendly, too!). We recommend using markers and crayons to fill it out, plus glitter and paint for older kids to decorate with (or little ones if you don’t mind the mess).

If you’re putting it in a frame or something else for Mom, feel free to trim to size if needed. And while you’ve got the art supplies out, check out these free printable Mother’s Day coloring pages to keep the artsy fun flowing! 

Ways to make it even more special  

A child's hands fills out a free printable writing prompt page for Mother's Day; it is addressed to Mom and has prompts like,


  • Put it in a decorative frame. Then she can put it by her nightstand, the front door or her office and get a reminder of how awesome she is. 
  • Tuck it into her Mother’s Day card for an extra sentimental touch. 
  • Hide it in a bouquet of flowers. 
  • Bring her breakfast in bed and add it on the tray. Just be careful not to spill anything!
  • Use it to start a mini scrapbook for Mom. Add family pictures, ticket stubs, old cards and other mementos to get her in her feels. 
  • Record the kids reading it aloud to her for a new home family video. You can even make a tradition out of it and rewatch together every Mother’s Day. Just be warned: teary eyes will probably ensue. And if starting more Mother’s Day traditions as a family sounds fun, check out even more of our ideas here. 
  • Hide it somewhere in the house for her to find. In a box of cereal, her favorite jacket, under her pillow—no matter where you put it, the surprise will warm her heart!
  • Give her a love shower! Have other little ones in her life like nieces, nephews or friends’ kids she loves like her own fill one out. Grown-ups are welcome to join in, too!


There’s just nothing like seeing Mom’s face light up with love, and we think these Mother’s Day writing prompts will do the trick. So round up the kiddos, put on your creative cap and have fun honoring your favorite lady.  


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