Simply spooky Halloween paper crafts

Halloween Paper Crafts

It’s Halloween time and we’re ready to help you get into the spooky spirit with three frighteningly easy paper crafts you can use to season your house, classroom, office or party. With these paper patterns, some simple scissors wizardry and a bit of fancy folding, you’ll be all set for Halloween.

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A little bit batty  

Halloween paper crafts: a little bit batty

Our miniature bats can dangle dangerously from delicious necks when worn as pendants. String several medium-size bats together to make a darling garland for the treat table. (Can bats be darling?) Or cut out bunches of multi-size bats to decorate the doorways and ceilings of your bat cave.

Download the bat paper craft patterns and instructions

A glaring of cats  

Halloween paper crafts: a glaring of cats

Don’t let these eerie glowing eyes or threateningly fluffed-out tails fool you—these kitties are very, very sweet. Well, at least they HOLD something sweet. These little black cats can stand up as simple table decorations or be used as holders for small treat bags. And if you’d rather simplify them and not cut out their eyes, you can draw your own or add some googly eyes to turn them from scary to silly.

Download the cat paper craft pattern and instructions

Portly paper pumpkins  

Halloween paper crafts: portly paper pumpkins

Say this three times fast while you create these little fellows. They may look complicated, but they’re as easy as pumpkin pie to make (and much less messy). Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll want to make one for each member of the family. Our patterns include small, medium and large pumpkins so you can put together a whole patch full. You can also draw on the panels before putting them together, or use patterned scrapbook paper glued to card stock to give them a patched-together look. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) So go ahead—make lots of these because they can be folded down flat to use again next year. We’ve also included leaves so you can add your name to your pumpkin. (The little ones make great place settings at a fall party, too!)

Download the pumpkin paper craft patterns and instructions

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