Christmas Coloring Pages to Deck the Halls and Recenter Yourself

Kids hands coloring Christmas coloring pages

There’s a lot to love about the holidays: The food! The lights! The music! Time with friends and family! But sometimes it’s nice to have a quiet, cozy activity amid all that hustle and bustle. These Christmas coloring pages provide the perfect opportunity to decompress, distract or even more deeply connect with yourself and your loved ones during the season.

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Ways to Use Christmas Coloring Pages  

These free, printable coloring pages are perfect for kids during the holidays. And not just because kids love coloring! You can use these cute little elves, reindeer and Santas to distract the kids while you:

  • Finish shopping online for gifts. They’ll be too busy coloring to see that you just snagged the #1 item on their wish list.
  • Wrap presents in a room nearby. Why stay up late wrapping on Christmas Eve when you could wrap during the day?
  • Clean in preparation for company. The house will stay clean for longer than five minutes!
  • Bake holiday treats. Kids in the kitchen is fun, but some recipes are tricky (and sticky) and better left to adults.
  • Write out holiday cards.  They can sign their names—in crayon, so cute!—as each card is ready.
Hands coloring Christmas coloring pages

That said, Christmas coloring pages can serve as more than just a distraction. They can also be a fun family activity that helps bring everyone together. For instance, you could:

  • Make it an Advent activity. Pick a day on the Advent calendar where coloring together is the surprise.
  • Use it as a storytelling opportunity. A nativity coloring page could provide the chance for the family to relive the miracle of the season.
  • Use it as a way to connect to your culture. A Hanukkah or Kwanzaa coloring page could open the way for you to talk about your family’s cultural heritage.


You don’t have to be a kid to sit down and color though. Lots of adults love to color—it’s relaxing, pretty and fun. Use these free printable coloring pages to:

  • Calm the holiday chaos. Sometimes we get carried away by the excitement of it all. Taking a quiet moment for yourself helps you refuel for more festivities.
  • Have a get-together with friends. If you haven’t had a coloring party, there’s no better time than the holidays to try it. Think of the snacks! You can find inspiration below.
Kids hands coloring Christmas coloring pages

Printable Christmas Coloring Pages  

Over the years, we’ve designed SO many Christmas characters, patterns and quotes. Are we about to keep those to ourselves? No-ho-ho-ho way! Below you’ll find Christmas coloring pages for all ages and interests—plus recommendations on Crayola crayons and markers, too.

Coloring pages for kids  

Coloring pages for adults  

Christmas Patterns and Quotes  

Keepsake Ornaments and Other Characters  

Christmas coloring pages with colored pencils

We rounded up some recommendations from our friends at Crayola to help you make the most of your holiday coloring fun. An added bonus: Crayons and markers make fantastic stocking stuffers.

For kids:


For big kids/adults:

hands coloring Christmas coloring pages

What to Do with Christmas Coloring Pages When You’re Done  

Sure, you could put the kids’ coloring pages on the fridge and add a little holiday cheer to the kitchen. But we have a few other ideas for what to do with their works of art when they’re done:

  • Send colored pages in a holiday cardThe perfect addition to cards to grandparents, and teachers, too.
  • Use them to decorate kids’ rooms. Bring the holidays into their bedrooms by sticking coloring pages on their walls or door.
  • Make a notebook to look back on. Kids will love seeing their skills progress over the years—and so will you.


Whether you turn these Christmas coloring pages into a soothing solo activity or a night of family fun, we hope they add a little extra joy to your holidays.