Nutcracker gifts for everyone on your list

A collection of nutcracker-themed holiday gifts lay scattered on a deep yellow-gold surface; gift items include nesting dishes in the shapes of different nutcracker faces, a mug in the shape of a nutcracker's head, a nutcracker and mouse king salt and pepper shaker set, and a nutcracker ballet illustration tea towel; a gift bag featuring a nutcracker ballet illustrated pattern and stuffed with red tissue paper lays among the scattered gifts.

Whether it’s because of the ballet performances we performed or saw with loved ones, one of at least a dozen movies (including a legendary animated Barbie film), Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s iconic score or even just through popular Christmas decor, the nutcracker has been a European and American holiday icon for as long as many of us can remember.

 And we thought since so many people have so much nostalgia for these little guys, why not help make more meaningful memories this year by sharing our ideas for nutcracker-themed gifts? 

 From nutcracker gifts themselves to the nutcracker cards and nutcracker gift wrap that pair perfectly with them, we’ve got lots of cute ideas to help you show them that you care. 

(Just for fun, we recommend reading this with a little background music.)

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Who to buy nutcracker gifts for  

Believe it or not, there are lots of people in your life who might love these nutcracker-themed gifts. See if any of these characters sound familiar—if so, we’ve got several ideas to help you make their season merry.

A selection of nutcracker-themed gifts for the collector could include a traditional nutcracker figurine, a three-piece set of nutcracker ornaments that features a nutcracker, a mouse king, and a ballerina, and a bottle bag featuring a whimsical illustration of a nutcracker prince in a different style on each of its four sides.

The Collector  

Do you have a Nutcracker Nut in your life? Someone whose mantel is covered in countless kinds of these grinning guys? Then they’ll adore a nutcracker to add to their collection, as well as anything that gives a nod to the history of the iconic figure. Some options to consider:


Any of these guys paired with a cool ornament from a local antique store, or maybe even a fun nutcracker history book, would be fine additions to their treasured collection. 

A selection of nutcracker-themed gifts for someone who does a lot of hosting at the holidays could include a set of juice glasses featuring nutcracker ballet-themed illustrations, a mug in the shape of the head of a nutcracker, and coordinating poinsettia plates and plaid dinner napkins from Hallmark's Celebrate! partyware collection.

The Host  

The only thing this person loves more than a party is a theme party. Why not a Secret Nutcracker theme? Don’t think about it too hard—Secret Santa could use a little spicing up! Plus, we’ve got the perfect nutcracker gift wrap and nutcracker gift bags for it.  

  • If they’re the tea party type, we’ve got adorable nutcracker mugs. 
  • If they’re the brunch-y type we’ve got these supercute nutcracker juice glasses. 
  • If you want to add a few other items to make the gift feel more like a bundle, try throwing in some cocktail napkins and goodie bags. Your hosting friend will likely appreciate some practical go-withs. 

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A selection of nutcracker-themed gifts for the Christmas decor enthusiast includes a tea towel featuring nutcracker ballet themed illustrations, a set of three nesting plates in the shape of different nutcracker faces, and a two-piece nutcracker prince and mouse king salt and pepper shaker set.

The Decor Enthusiast  

This person loves any and all Christmas decorations. They might already have tubs on tubs of decor stowed away, but their motto is “the more the merrier.” Add to their holiday decor haul with any of these:

  • For one of their trees—because of course they have more than one—we’ve got an adorable set of ornaments with the nutcracker, the mouse king and a ballerina. Add these to a few other ornaments that fit your friend’s personality, and you’ve got a whole mini tree set up! 
  • To “festive up” the kitchen and dining areas, we’ve got this pretty tea towel and these salt and pepper shakers. 
  • To hold little trinkets in the entryway, living room or anywhere else, check out these nutcracker nesting bowls. So precious! 


For a personal touch, consider gifting your friend’s favorite tea with the towel or their favorite wrapped candies with the trinket dishes. 

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A selection of nutcracker-themed gifts for the sentimental recipient could include a nutcracker bottle bag and stemless wineglass set, a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie bingo greeting card, a nutcracker-shaped ceramic platter, and a Christmas activities jar with candy cane papers.

The Sentimental Sweetheart  

This person loves to make some memories. If they’re interested in experiences—like seeing the ballet every year, for instance—they’ll love gifts that can enhance those memories. 

  • Consider pairing tickets to the ballet with our nutcracker wine bag and stemless glasses, so you can gush about the show over a drink. 
  • Another fun pairing might be the wine bundle and this jar filled to the brim with Christmassy festivities. This way they get a seasonal event to try out with their loved ones every day of December (and the option to try those seasonal events when tipsy). 
  • Don’t want the wine glasses? You can just buy their favorite wine and put it in our nutcracker bottle bag. 
  • If they’re more of an indoors friend, wine would also pair really well with a board game, jigsaw puzzle or, if they’re a Hallmark Channel fan, some Christmas Movie Bingo. 
  • If you like baking together, you could give them this nutcracker platter and spend a day filling it with tasty treats. 


A Collection of nutcracker-themed gifts for the animal lover could include a mouse king nutcracker figurine, photo ornaments for pets, and a gift back featuring nutcracker ballet illustrations.

The Animal Lover  

This person might not like nutcrackers. They might not even like people. But they do like animals and thus love just about anything to do with their pets or furry friends in general. For example:

  • The Artist-Crafted Mouse King Nutcracker Figurine is too cute not to make this person a nutcracker convert. 
  • You could pair the gift above with a personalized pet ornament—we’ve got you covered for cats and dogs—or even just a festive ornament or figurine of their favorite animal. 
  • Animal lovers also love getting gifts for their pets, so keep an eye out for bandanas, treats and toys to round out your present. Put all the gifties together in one of our charming nutcracker gift bags, and you’re golden! 


We hope these nutcracker gift ideas will help bring joy to the people you love and add a little classical whimsy to your Christmas season! 


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