Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the superfan in your life

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the self-care specialist include a throw blanket, fuzzy socks and eye mask set, and holiday mug.

For Hallmark Channel fans, the holiday season is full of delight. Whether it’s decorating the tree and baking something sweet or watching the newest Hallmark movie, the fun never ends! With this list of Hallmark Channel gifts, you can share that joy with everyone you love most (and end your Christmas shopping a little early).

To make things that much more fun and cozy, we’ve included a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie pairing for each gift idea. Mention it in your accompanying Christmas card, or make a date to watch it together.

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We know there are all kinds of Hallmark Channel fans out there. That’s why we bundled these official Hallmark Channel gifts into different categories—to help you zero in on the ones in your life. Any of them sound familiar?

Of course, these are just a starting point! Feel free to mix and match gifts according to your special Hallmark Channel superfan—and watch all the Hallmark Channel holiday movies you please. 😉

The Hallmark Channel Newbie  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the new Channel fan include a snuggly Hallmark Channel hoodie, an ornament, and a gift bag.

Maybe they’re the faithful Hallmark Channel watch partner to their obsessed significant other. Maybe they need a little nudge to start enjoying the magic of Hallmark movies, courtesy of your recommendation. 

Either way, these gifts are perfect for the newest member of the Hallmark Channel fan club. Start with this comfy hoodie, aka their uniform for all the Hallmark Channel movie marathons to come. Then, help them start their newest collection with this cute ornament. Toss it all in this cute gift bag and you’re all set!

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
Catch Me If You Claus
Premieres Thursday, Thanksgiving Night, at 8/7c

The Self-Care Specialist  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the self-care specialist include a throw blanket, fuzzy socks and eye mask set, and holiday mug.

Sometimes, self-care looks like a Hallmark Channel marathon on the couch. Whether they’re an introvert who needs their recharge time or simply someone who doesn’t like talking during the movie, watch parties built around quiet comfort deserve love, too!  

For the person who puts comfort over everything, these Hallmark Channel gifts are sure to please. A hooded blanket makes lounging on the couch even cozier, along with a fuzzy socks/eye mask bundle and a mug perfect for all their hot cocoa cravings.  

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
Christmas with a Kiss
Premieres Sunday, 12/3 at 8/7c

The Magic Maker  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the one who's all about making magic at the holidays include a Hallmark Channel stocking, a Christmas countdown calendar, and a light-up wreath featuring an iconic red pickup truck.

We all have that friend—the one obsessed with Pinterest, perfecting their new aesthetic and setting the mood. They know all the latest interior design trends, redecorate once a month and can’t eat a meal without taking a million pictures first. 

They always want things to look beautiful and feel magical, and their home during the holidays is no exception. These Hallmark Channel gifts, like a Christmas Countdown Calendar and a sweet knit stocking, can elevate any room. The light-up wreath also adds a pop of holiday cheer to make their home snapshot-ready.  

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
Heidelberg Holiday
Premieres Sunday, 11/23 at 8/7c

The Party Thrower  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the party thrower in your group include a charcuterie board, a bottle bag featuring a classic nutcracker prince, stemless wineglasses, and a 3-bowl serving dish.

This is for the person who always hosts and makes everyone feel at home. They send out the invites on time, make the best meals and seem effortlessly organized (while looking flawless, of course). 

They might make hosting holiday gatherings seem easy, but you can lighten their load with this set of Hallmark Channel gifts. A holiday charcuterie board pairs perfectly with any delicious spread, plus this colorful Hallmark Channel Truck dip bowl trio for all their favorite dishes. We can’t forget drinks, of course—this set of pretty glasses (coming soon) will make their choice of bubbly the star of the show (bottle bag included).  

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
The Santa Summit
Premieres Sunday, 11/5 at 8/7c

The Expert  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the self-proclaimed Hallmark Channel expert include fuzzy socks, a Hallmark Channel watching shirt, and a red, green and white plaid mug.

If there were an award for “most hours of Hallmark Channel watched,” they would probably win. This person is obsessed with Hallmark Channel and is proud of it. They know about all the newest movie/show premieres, keep up with their favorite Hallmark Channel stars on social media and never close their Hallmark Movies Now app. 

Give them a cozy night in with this comfy watching T-shirt, plus a holiday mug and fuzzy sock bundle

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
Biltmore Christmas
Premieres Sunday, 11/26 at 8/7c

Besties-Only Movie Night  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for a

Best friends make us smile harder, laugh louder and drink a little too much wine. They know all your embarrassing secrets, make you feel better after crying over a bad haircut and are, of course, always down for a Hallmark Channel movie night.  

Give this bundle of Hallmark Channel Christmas gifts to your bestie to make your next night in even more special. The holiday-themed wine cooler and wine glass bundle calls for some bubbly, while the popcorn bowl makes sharing your favorite sweet or salty snacks easy. 

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
Never Been Chris’d
Premieres Saturday, 11/4 at 8/7c

Mom and Daughter Duo  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for the mom and daughter duo include a comfy Hallmark Channel sleep shirt, cozy leggings, a mug and a water bottle.

Share these Hallmark Channel Christmas gifts with the mom and daughter duo who are each other’s best friend. You rarely see one without the other, they finish each other’s sentences and their bond is made of love and laughter. You’ll often find them on mom/daughter dates, splitting their favorite dishes and whispering inside jokes. 

Our picks are great for mixing and matching (and eventually sharing with each other), including a comfy sleep shirt, leggings, water bottle and mug. No matter what they choose, they’ll be ready for days filled with quality time together and rewatching their favorite Hallmark movies. 

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
A Not So Royal Christmas
Premieres Thursday, 11/2 at 8/7c

Festive Family Night  

Hallmark Channel gift ideas for a festive family night include a Hallmark Channel throw blanket, cookie jar, and oven mitt.

The holidays are the perfect time to settle in with family for celebrating, connecting and cherishing beloved traditions. These Hallmark Channel gifts are perfect for bringing family closer and adding joy to any night.

This oversized blanket lets everyone cuddle together, while the Hallmark Channel cookie jar (coming soon), cookie cutters and oven mitt are great for a fun day of family baking. 

The perfect Hallmark Channel movie pairing:
Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up
Premieres Saturday, 11/25 at 8/7c

’Tis the season for Hallmark Channel gifts; we hope you (and all your favorite people) enjoy! And if you find yourself in need of even more gift ideas, we’ve totally got you covered: