Easter basket ideas for all ages: DIY decorations, gifts and more 

An Easter gift basket for a kid that includes a

Excited to get hopping on those Easter baskets? We love to see it. And we love to inspire it, too! So we’ve put together a bunch of fun Easter basket ideas to help you make the most of this spring celebration. 

Our DIY Easter basket ideas for every age will plus up any store-bought basket you’ve got. And of course, we have allll the gifts that will make your kids so excited to be up early on Easter morning. Except maybe your teenager. Because teenagers. 

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Looking for Easter basket ideas and gifts that will appeal to a specific age group? Click on the links below to jump right to the section you need.

Easter Basket Ideas Perfect for Toddlers  

An Easter gift selection for babies and toddlers, next to a basket filled with those gifts and a DIY carrot treat bag.

Toddlers are juuuuuust starting to get wise to all the fun Easter brings. And what better way to celebrate that fact than by surprising them with all things cute and cuddly or sweet and small?  

For instance: 

  • This recordable lion plush. You can use it to record a special Easter message or a simple “I love you.”
  • A lamb water globe. It plays a sweet little tune to send them off to sleep.
  • A Noah’s Ark wooden puzzle. It’s got big chunky pieces perfect for little chubby fingers.
  • The DIY carrot treat bag below. Imagine their eyes lighting up when they rip into it and their favorite snack is revealed. It’ll be the best Easter surprise ever.
  • A mini card for your mini me. It just doesn’t get any cuter!

DIY Carrot Treat Bag  

Materials needed for the DIY carrot treat bag are tissue paper in green and orange colors, scissors, string or twine, tape, and a toddler-friendly treat to go inside, like oat-Os.

What you’ll need: 

•  Orange or peach-colored tissue paper
•  Green tissue paper
•  Twine or string
•  Scissors
•  Toddler-approved snack (we chose some oat-o’s)
•  Tape 

Hands rolling up orange tissue paper into a cone to hold treats. Scissors and tape lie nearby.

1. Start by cutting a square of tissue. Make a cone by bringing down the top left corner toward the center of the square and rolling up the tissue. 

Hands trimming excess tissue paper off the treat cone with a pair of scissors.

2. Cut off excess paper. Once you have a cone that’s a good size for your toddler’s Easter basket, trim off the remainder of the tissue paper. 

Hands taping down the edge of the tissue paper cone.

3. Tape down the bottom of the cone. Put another piece of tape wherever you feel it needs to stay secure. 

Hands filling the tissue paper cone with a scoop full of oat-Os.

4. Pour in your toddler snack. About a half cup worked for the size of cone we created. 

Hands tying the top of the tissue paper cone tightly with string.

5. Tie it up. Gather the tissue paper at the top and using a piece of twine or string tie it closed really tight. Adjust the tissue or smooth it out where needed, then secure the string with a knot. Cut off the excess tissue paper above the knot, leaving about half an inch for securing the carrot top to. 

A tied off, trimmed tissue paper cone filled with oat-Os. A pair of hands trims green tissue paper into carrot top fringe with a pair of scissors.

6. Make the carrot top. Stack two or three smaller squares of green tissue, and cut some fringe along one edge. Feel free to make your cuts varying thicknesses. 

Hands wrap the green tissue paper fringe around the top of the treat cone.

7. Add the carrot top to the carrot. Tape down one end of the non-fringed edge at the top of the carrot. Wrap it around and tape it down to finish.  

Finished DIY carrot treat bags made of orange and green tissue paper and filled with oat-Os.

8. Pop your DIY carrot treat into the basket. They look especially cute nestled into Easter grass.

Crafty Easter Basket Ideas for Kids   

An Easter gift basket for a kid that includes a

Easter means spring and spring means sunshine. And to kids, sunshine means outside time. So we put together a few Easter basket ideas for kids with that in mind.  

For instance: 

DIY Personalized Bunny Tags  

Materials needed to make DIY bunny tags include Crayola Model Magic, scissors, a rolling pin, twine, a bunny cookie cutter, a metal straw, and a permanent marker.

What you’ll need:

•  Crayola® Model Magic
•  Ribbon or twine
•  Rolling pin
•  Scissors
•  Crayola Take Note Marker
•  Bunny cookie cutter
•  Metal straw or something to make a small hole 

Hands rolling out light blue Model Magic clay with a small rolling pin.

1. Roll out the modeling clay. We rolled our Model Magic to about 1/4” thick. This makes it thick enough to work as a tag but not so thick that it takes forever to dry. 

Hands stamping bunny shapes out of the light blue Model Magic clay with a bunny shaped cookie cutter.

2. Cut out your bunnies. Using a cookie cutter, cut out as many bunnies as needed. These make cute place cards or food markers, too, so feel free to make extra. 

Hands punching a small hole at the top of the clay bunny tags with a metal straw.

3. Punch out a small hole. Use a metal straw to make a hole to thread ribbon or string through.  

Hands writing names on dried DIY bunny tags made of air-dry Model Magic clay.

4. Let the tags dry overnight. Tags should be completely dried out by morning. Placing them on a wire rack may speed up the process a bit, as it allows for more air circulation.  

5. Add your kid’s name. Once the tags are fully dried, write the name of your child on the bunny with a permanent marker. 

Hands tying light gray twine onto the tags, through the punched hole.

6. Add some ribbon. Thread the ribbon or twine through the hole in your dried bunny tag. 

Finished DIY bunny tags with names written on them and twine tied onto them to attach them to Easter baskets.

7. Tie the tag to your child’s Easter basket or gift. You can use these to keep track of whose Easter basket is whose, or use them as a gift topper. 

Easter Basket Ideas Teens Will Love  

An Easter gift bag for a teen that includes a Snoopy Easter egg Zip-Along plush, three mini nail polishes in different spring pastel colors, a DIY yarn pompom keychain, a water bottle that reads,

The average teen probably won’t admit it, but they still love waking up to an Easter basket waiting outside their door. Our gift ideas for them include things they can get excited about without feeling embarrassed. 

For instance: 

  • This foldable shopping tote. It goes with literally everything and can go from school to practice to home with a sweet sentiment to inspire them along the way.
  • A Peanuts® Zip-Along Snoopy Easter egg plush. They might say they’re past the age of loving stuffies, but if it’s tiny enough, it qualifies as “cute” instead of “kid stuff.”
  • Vinyl decals for their water bottle. Or their school binder. Or their locker. Basically anywhere they want to display their thoughts on life, of which they have many.
  • A postcard and sticker set to show friends some love. We all know friends make the teen years easier. This will help them express gratitude and support in a totally chill way.
  • This tiny, sunshiny trinket dish. For keys, candy, coins…anything to help keep their desk clean!
  • The DIY pom-pom keychain below. You might be surprised at how sentimental they’ll get over something handmade. Put it in their basket and see where it ends up over time.
  • A sweet-smelling candle. It’s hard to feel angsty when your room smells like cake.
  • This sweet, simple Easter card. Just a little message with a bit of shine to let them know they’re loved—at Easter and always.

DIY Pom-Pom Keychain  

Materials needed for a DIY pom-pom include yarn of different colors, a pair of scissors, a keychain, and a piece of cardboard to make a form.

What you’ll need: 

•  Yarn (we used three colors and they all had different weights)
•  Keychain
•  Piece of cardboard 

Hands wrapping blue yarn around the pom-pom form.

1. Make a DIY pom-pom form. To make it, cut a cardboard rectangle about 3” x 6”. Then make a slit 1/4” wide in the middle of the short end, stopping about halfway through the piece of cardboard. 

2. Start wrapping. Wrap your primary color around the cardboard pom-pom form, covering the slit you made.  

Hands wrapping orange and white speckled yarn over blue yarn on a cardboard pom-pom form.

3. Switch up the colors. To make a spicy pom-pom, add more colors! No need to tie anything off—just cut off your first color and start wrapping your next. We did this pretty randomly. 

Hands tying yarn loosely around the yarn that's been wrapped around the cardboard pom-pom form.

4. Tie off your pom-pom. Thread a separate piece of yarn about 12” long into the slit at the center of the cardboard form. Tie it loosely around all the yarn you’ve wrapped onto the form and make a loose knot. 

Hands tying the pom-pom yarn tightly together once it's off the form.

5. Release the yarn. Slide all the yarn off the cardboard, then tighten and tie the knot so it’s super secure.  

Hands cutting the yarn loops on the side of the yarn bundle.

6. Cut and fluff. Use scissors to cut all the loops in the yarn, then fluff it out.

Hands trimming the fluffed pom-pom into a sphere

7. Shape the pom-pom. Trim the ends of the yarn so the pom-pom looks like a nice, round sphere. 

Hands tying the fluffed, trimmed pom-pom onto a gold keychain.

8. Tie to a keychain. Using the extra length from the piece of yarn you used to tie everything together, tie your pom-pom to the keychain. 

A hand holding a DIY pom-pom keychain made of turquoise, orange and white yarn in front of a bright blue background.

9. Attach to an Easter basket. You can tie it to the handle, or if you go the route of this adorable bunny bag, attach it to one of the handles. 

Comforting Easter Basket Ideas for Friends or Family  

An Easter gift basket for an adult friend or family member that includes a ceramic serving platter that reads,

Easter is a time for togetherness, so homey gifts for friends or family may be on your list, too. We’ve got several ideas to fill their heart and basket with love this Easter.

 For instance:

  • This wooden charcuterie board. For family gatherings filled with warmth and togetherness.
  • Some sweet, little serving bowls. For snacks, condiments, recipe prep or anything else their heart desires.
  • And a big serving platter, too. For serving second helpings of both food and love.
  • A fresh-scented candle. To lighten their heart and lift their spirits on spring days that happen to be gray and gloomy.
  • A pretty pouch. So that wherever the day takes them, they’ll be reminded of the important things.
  • This pop-up Easter card. Even if they’re notoriously bad with plants, they can still have a peace lily this Easter.
  • A little twist with the DIY crochet lemon garland below. It’s bright and fun and oh-so-easy—the perfect finishing touch for your thoughtful basket.

DIY Crochet Lemon Garland  

Supplies needed to make a DIY crochet lemon garland include worsted-weight yarn in shades of yellow, green and white, a 4mm or size G crochet hook, a small yarn needle, and scissors.

What you’ll need:

•  Size 4mm/G crochet hook
•  Small yarn needle
•  4 worsted weight cotton yarn in 3 colors: Yellow, green and white

A woman's hands works with a white crochet hook and yellow yarn to crochet a simple chain.

1. To start: Make a magic circle with your yellow yarn. (Not sure how to make one? A simple online search will provide lots of how-to videos!)

A woman's hands holding a crochet magic circle, which she's woven out of yellow yarn with a white crochet hook.

2. Round 1. Chain 2 (doesn’t count as a stitch), 12 double crochet into the magic circle. Untwist the yarn tail and pull the circle tightly closed. Join the circle with a slip stitch in top of the first double crochet (12 stiches).

A woman's hands demonstrate adding double crochet to the magic circle she's made to make a lemon shape.

3. Round 2. Chain 2, 2 double crochet in each stitch around. Slip stitch into the first stitch to join the round (24 stiches).

A woman's hands hold a crochet lemon, which she is almost finished making.

4. Round 3. Chain 2, [double crochet 2, single crochet stitch 1] in first stitch, slip stitch in each of the next 12 stitches, chain 1, [double crochet 2, single crochet stitch 1] in the next stitch, slip stitch in each of the last 10 stiches, then slip stitch in top to first chain (30 stitches).

A woman's hands using a yarn needle to tie off her finished crochet lemon.

5. Weave off ends with the yarn needle and trim. Then make four more lemons so you have five lemons total.

A woman uses a white crochet hook and green yarn to crochet a simple little leaf.

6. Make the leaf: With green yarn, slip knot onto your hook.


Round 1: Chain 6, slip stitch in 2nd chain from the hook, 1 half double crochet in next stitch, 1 double crochet in next, 1 half double crochet in next, 1 single crochet stitch in the next, turn and chain 1.


Round 2: Continue working on opposite side of the chain—1 single crochet stitch in the first chain, 1 half double crochet in the next, 1 double crochet in each of the next, 1 half double crochet in each of the next, 1 single crochet stich in the last, chain 1 and join to the first slip stitch from the top side. Weave off end towards beginning thread with your yarn needle. Fasten off, leaving a long tail to attach the leaf to the lemon.

A woman's hands using a yarn needle to attach the crochet leaf to the crochet lemon she's made.

7. Sew the leaf ends through top stitches on the end of the lemons. Tie off on the back side of the lemon. We varied our leaves in directions and locations to give each lemon a different character.

A woman's hands using a white crochet needle to attach the five crochet lemons with leaves onto a simple white crochet garland.

8. To create the garland, start with the white yarn. Slip knot to begin, then chain 20 (you might need more depending on how much room you need to hang the garland). When attaching the lemons to the garland chain, single crochet into a stitch at the top right of the lemon, chain 1, then single crochet into another stitch at the top of the left side of the same lemon. Chain 10 then attach your next lemon.

A finished DIY crochet lemon garland, with little yellow crochet lemons and green leaves on a white crocheted rope.

9. Repeat until all lemons are joined to the garland chain. Chain 20 and tie off. Now you have a finished crocheted lemon garland!

We hope these Easter basket ideas have you feeling a little better prepared to shower the important people in your life with love this Easter, no matter how old they are.  

Of course, we’re here with more ideas if you need them. Here are some of our favorites: