7 DIY Easter basket ideas

7 DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Easter’s coming and that means the Easter Bunny will be hopping down the bunny trail very soon. Are you as ready for his visit as your kids are? If not, these DIY Easter baskets are a hop in the right direction. They’re the perfect combination of form (easy on the eyes) and function (easy on the eggs). All you need are a few supplies and a spare afternoon to create your very own homemade Easter basket bonanza.

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DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Feathered Nest

Feathered nest

Designer Sara Werner turned a simple wicker basket into a fanciful feathery haven for only the most stylish of Easter eggs. And she made it with just a purchased boa and a can of spray paint. You’ll want to make one, too, when you see how easy it was.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Blooms by the Gallon

Blooms by the gallon

Sara and her kids cut and covered empty gallon containers with colorful tissue paper for this easy and inexpensive Easter basket idea. They’re just the right size for egg hunting and just the right price for any budget.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Easter Wrap Can-Can

Easter wrap can-can

Photo stylist Nicole Cawlfield covered an empty paint can with wrapping paper for a super-simple, finished-in-five-minutes Easter basket that begs the question, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Peaty Rabbits

Peaty rabbits

Sara took the “matter” into her own hands to create these two adorable little baskets made from peat pots. Don’t worry, no green thumb is required to create these little bunnified baskets.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Coiled for Spring

Coiled for spring

Nicole also created this coiled Easter basket made from dyed clothesline that can be repurposed after Easter is over. It’s a perfect craft for those who like something to do with their hands while watching TV.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Bigmouth Bunny

Bigmouth bunny

Sara created this over-the-top adorable Easter basket from a purchased bunny wreath kit and plastic gallon jug. Open wide and say “Aww!”

DIY Easter Basket Ideas: Sew Sweet Bunny

Sew sweet bunny

This little sewn Easter basket created by editor Jeanne Field can function as a little girl’s purse after Easter is over. Cute floppy ears button together to make the handle, and the top pulls together with a ribbon drawstring.

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