Say “I do” to a DIY wedding

DIY wedding ideas

Your wedding day is pretty darn personal already. I mean, it’s you. And your guy. And your family and friends. Your day. Your colors. Your music. So why not give the ceremony itself some of your personality, too? We’ve all seen traditional. Now make it yours.

Don’t feel like getting pelted with rice or birdseed? How about handing out pretty ribbon wands instead? Does a satin-and-lace pillow not suit your taste? Switch it up with homespun linen. Or forget the pillow entirely and send those rings down the aisle attached to a book. These are just a few of our DIY ideas, but remember, the important thing when planning a wedding ceremony is to make it your own—after all, you’ll be the one remembering it for a lifetime.

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Waves of happiness  

DIY Wedding Ideas: Ribbon Wands

Ribbons wands

First came rice. Then came birdseed, bubbles, butterflies, flower petals, popcorn—you name it. (OK, we made up “popcorn.” We hope.) But what we really want to know is why they have to throw things at you at all. There is another option—ribbons! These ribbon wands don’t leave a mess for someone to clean up, and they’re really easy to make.

For each wand, you’ll need a wooden swizzle or rock candy stick—something with a little ball on the end—and about 3 yards each of various satin and organza ribbons. (We used navy, coral, light coral, mint and white ribbons.) To make, simply tie the middle of each ribbon in a knot near the round-ball end of the stick and trim the ribbon ends at an angle.

Ring-bearing things  

DIY Wedding Ideas: Ring-Bearer Pillow

Homespun hexie

Our hexagonal linen pillow accessorized with felt flowers is simple, inexpensive and, best of all, homemade.
Download the ring-bearer pillow instructions


DIY Wedding Ideas: Ring-Bearer Box

Treasured box

An antique box that carried mementos from your past life is perfectly suited to carry the symbols of your future bliss.
Download the ring-bearer box instructions

DIY Wedding Ideas: Ring-Bearer Book

A good book

Tie your rings to the family Bible or a favorite book that is meaningful to you both, and then follow our easy instructions.
Download the ring-bearer book instructions

DIY Wedding Ideas: Ring-Bearer Trophy

First-place finish

You’ll both be the winners at the end of the day when you carry your rings down the aisle on an old, revered trophy. Engrave your names and wedding date in the base placard for a finishing touch.
Download the ring-bearer trophy instructions

Boutonniere bounty  

DIY Wedding Ideas: Paper Rosette Boutonniere

Paper rosettes

Place one of these winning paper pins on the best man. (After all, he did take first place for the second-best-looking-in-a-tux competition).
Download the paper rosette boutonniere instructions


DIY Wedding Ideas: Feather Boutonniere

Boys of a feather

Bring your groomsmen together with these delightful flights of feathery fancy.
Download the feather boutonniere instructions

DIY Wedding Ideas: Button Boutonniere

All buttoned up

Create these pins easily with a button-making kit and a few fabric scraps. Who knew you could do so much with so little?
Download the button boutonniere instructions

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