100+ kids valentine messages: From kid-to-kid, for teacher and more

A Valentine's Day card that reads,

Refrigerator doors everywhere will soon be covered with valentines from kids. The right message added inside can make those cards unique and personal. It can bring a laugh, and it can be a chance for a child to put a little of their own unique personality into the card. And what parent, grandparent, teacher or best friend wouldn’t want to receive that? Those are the cards destined to become “keepers.”

So whether for classroom valentine messages from kid-to-kid or valentine messages for someone special in their lives, how do you help kids write the perfect message? Here are some suggestions for a variety of Valentine’s Day messages for kids.

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Funny kids valentine messages  

Anybody who’s ever heard a knock-knock joke knows kids love to laugh. And they love to make other kids laugh, too. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day messages for kids that will tickle their funny bones, look no further! We’ve got the funny right here.

  • Happy “Eat-a-Ton-of-Chocolate Day”
  • Hope you burp chocolate all day!
  • Love you even more than I love candy. (And that’s a lot.) 
  • I can’t even tell you how great you are, so instead I drew you this cat. 
  • You’re like a turtle: turtle-y awesome. 
  • Hope you’re happier than Cupid with new diapers. 
  • Here to save the day! With candy.
  • Cupid called. He said stop being cuter than him. 
  • Have as much fun as your mom lets you! 
  • Tomorrow your farts will smell like chocolate!

Sweet kids valentine messages  

Valentine’s Day is all about the sweet things in life, from candy to displays of emotions. For kids valentine messages that do their best to earn an “Awwww……” from the recipient, here are some suggestions for sweeter inside messages. 

  • Have the happiest heart day ever.
  • There’s not enough room to list all the best things about you, but trust me, there’s a whole lot. 
  • How sweet can somebody be?? 
  • You’re like if candy was people. 
  • You melt my heart like chocolate on a car seat.
  • My life is a whole lot sweeter with you in it. 
  • Just wanted to say I like you. 
  • Like you times infinity. 
  • I’m glad you’re one of my people. 
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to someone who’s really good at making me feel loved. 
  • Be sweet. Be kind. Have a happy Valentine’s! 
  • Wishing you all the good feels. 
  • Keep being you because you’re the awesomest! 
  • You make my heart so happy.

Simple kids valentine messages  

Sometimes a kid just needs a simple “straight from my heart to yours” kind of wish for family members or classroom valentine messages. Ironically, these little wishes can be the hardest kind to come up with! Never fear! We’ve got you covered with these simple suggestions. 

  • You’re someone who makes me smile. 
  • Life is way better with treats. Like your friendship.
  • You have a big heart. 
  • So glad we’re friends. 
  • You’re such a fun person to know! 
  • It’s nice to know you because you’re so nice. 
  • Hugs to you today. 
  • You have such a good heart. 
  • You’re so sweet. 
  • Sending big hugs and smooches your way. 
  • You’re the brightest star in the universe.
  • Be as happy as someone who’s as cool as you should be.
  • Stay cool. Wait! You’ve already got that covered.
  • Happy Happier Happiest Valentine’s Day ever!

Kids valentine messages for best friends  

Even if a kid is giving classroom valentines to everyone, they want to give an extra-special one to their bestie! The right kid-to-kid valentine messages—like one of these below—can say “You’re my best friend ever!” in the coolest way.

  • No one gets me like you do! 
  • Love how we’re weird together. 
  • You’ll always be on my friendship bracelet.
  • You’re the only person I’d share my candy with (even *insert favorite candy*). 
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my BFF! 
  • We both have the best best friend ever! 
  • You make going to school more fun. 
  • Wishing the best day ever to the best friend ever! 
  • I’m so glad you’re my bestie. 
  • You’re my favorite person to have an adventure with. 
  • I’m so lucky you’re my friend. 
  • It’s impossible for us not to have fun together. I love that about us. 
  • Thanks for always catching my vibe. 
  • We think alike. Because we’re both right. 
  • You’re my playground soulmate! 
  • I’d rather have you than candy. Good thing I don’t have to choose! 
  • You’re a ray of smileshine. 
  • You + me + chocolates = Best Day Ever. The math maths!

Kids valentine messages for teachers  

Every kid wants the classroom valentine they give to their teacher to be one that’s cherished and remembered. In addition to giving a wish for the day, it’s the perfect way to say, “Thanks for teaching me and caring about me.” Here are some idea starters. 

  • Thanks for all the good things you do for us in class every day! 
  • Are you a wizard? Because you’re like magic! 
  • You make learning fun. And that’s impossible! 
  • You deserve lots of chocolates today. And lots of thanks!
  • Thanks for always saving the day! 
  • My brain is grateful for you. 
  • I’d give you an A+ in teaching. 
  • You deserve extra credit for all you do. 
  • Thanks for being a great teacher! And just being great!
  • You inspire me…to give you candy! 
  • You deserve a day off, but all I can give you is candy! Close second, right? 
  • You’re a lesson in being a great person.
  • Go to the head of the class! Oh, wait…you already did!


Helping a kid who’s home-schooled thank their parent-teacher? Here are a few more ideas! 

  • When your mom/dad is your teacher, you’re doubly lucky!
  • Candy for my teacher! (Don’t eat it before dinner.)
  • You’re my mom/dad AND my teacher! You only get one valentine, though.

Kids valentine messages for siblings  

Sure, we tease our brothers and sisters, but every child knows deep inside that there will never be a closer friend. So whether their valentine message for a sibling is gentle humor or sincere emotion, kids want the message to be special. Here are some options: 

  • So sorry for being Mom’s favorite. (Dad’s, too.) 
  • I love you, but I’m still not sharing my Valentine’s Day candy. 
  • (With a funny card) But no joke, you’re kinda the best! 
  • You turn everything into an adventure. 
  • Glad we get to share life together. 
  • Life’s more fun when you’re nearby.
  • Love you even when you kinda annoy the crap outta me. 
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Let the candy trading begin! 
  • You make “family” one of my favorite words. 
  • HVD to my partner in (totally legal) crime. 
  • Nobody knows me quite like you do. 
  • Thanks for always having my back. (But you can’t have my candy.) 

Kids valentine messages for mom or dad  

Odds are a kid’s mom or dad was the first one they ever wanted to send a valentine to. On a day that’s all about celebrating love, it’s important to celebrate the ones who taught us about unconditional love in the first place. Try a message like one of these.

  • Lucky to be raised by you guys. 
  • I’m so happy you’re my mom and dad. 
  • You guys are just the best. 
  • Congratulations on your perfect kid. 
  • Valentine’s Day = chocolates for dinner. Right? 
  • How cool is it that my two favorite people happen to be my parents? Love you guys! 
  • I love how you feed me and keep me safe. 
  • It’s a good night for a heart-shaped pizza. 
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s for dessert? 
  • Want me to read you a Valentine’s Day story tonight? 
  • Just so you know, I’m never too old for candy. 
  • Love you the mostest, because you’re the bestest!
  • Glad Cupid brought you two together.
  • Glad Cupid shot you two. (Hope it wasn’t in the butt.) 

Kids valentine messages for grandparents  

Poppop, Geegee, Gram, Gramps, Da, Mimi…so many names for two of the most important people in a kid’s life. Personalize that valentine with whatever name you use and one of these Valentine’s Day messages for kids.

  • Time with you is always the best time. 
  • I love how much we laugh when we’re together.
  • You guys really are grand. Because you’re GRANDparents? Get it?
  • Not enough heart emojis to say how great I think you are!
  • You make everything funner. 
  • Thanks for being so awesome. 
  • My first and favorite valentines. 
  • You make every holiday more fun. 
  • I love you as much as the universe. 
  • Love you to the moon, the planets and a couple of asteroids and back. 
  • You’re not just my grandma/grandpa, you’re my oldest friend.
  • To my favorite snuggly bedtime story reader.
  • It’s the perfect day for spoiling me with candy!

For someone special  

In addition to family and friends, there are so many other important people in the life of a child. Babysitters, doctors, bus drivers, neighbors, mentors…all of them deserve a personal valentine message from their favorite kid. Like maybe one of these: 

  • Thanks for taking such good care of me! 
  • Thanks for looking out for me! 
  • Thanks for being someone I can always count on. 
  • I’m so happy to have you in my life.
  • The best days ever begin with you. 
  • Keep being you! It’s really working for you. 
  • Time with you is always a good time. 
  • You’re pretty cool for a grown-up. Like, the most cool ever! 
  • Hope you’re having a smile-filled day. You deserve it! 
  • To my fave babysitter! (Don’t tell my other babysitters!)

We hope these message ideas help you and your mini come up with just the right words to help their favorite people feel loved this Valentine’s Day.


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