Easy homemade holiday food gifts

Easy Homemade Holiday Food Gifts

Next time you are cruising those clearance aisles, keep an eye out for festive, creative ways to share the yummy tidings of the season. Trays, boxes, plates, cups—pretty much any container can convey sweet “Season’s Eatings” when you add one of our free printable gift tags and a helping of homemade holiday cheer.

For those at a loss for what to put in your newly christened gift containers, we’ve got lots of Christmas cookie, candy and chocolate recipes. So go ahead. Bake everyone’s spirit a little brighter.

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Seasonal sipper  

Seasonal Sipper Easy homemade holiday food gifts

Give friends great tasting cookies as well as the secondary gift of a lidded cup with straw that they can use every day. Any lidded cup that will hold cookies will work, but a clear cup will really show off the goods (we filled ours with Russian tea cookies). Add Christmas cheer with our cup label wraps and custom coaster printables.

Raise the bar  

Raise The Bar Easy homemade holiday food gifts

Purchase or find simple wood boxes, and fill them with lemon bars or brownies (cut a piece of parchment to fit inside so that the butter doesn’t stain the wood box). Download a printable gift tag, and secure it to the box with a fun little clothespin. Once they’ve enjoyed the treats nestled inside, the recipients can use the box for small trinkets and other treasures.

Baked, sealed, delivered  

Baked Sealed Delivered Easy homemade holiday food gifts

When you have a lot of people on your Christmas gift list (co-workers, school personnel, etc.), this sweet and simple idea is perfect for delivering small batches of homemade holiday cheer. Simply fill plain or decorated gift bags or lunch sacks with your favorite holiday treats, fold over the tops of the bags, and secure with printable gift seals printed on sticker paper.

Santa’s slate  

Buy a small chalkboard at your neighborhood craft store. Make and decorate size-appropriate gingerbread men, place on the chalkboard and download ourchalkboard-themed printable gift tag to complete the gift. If you need this to-go, wrap the whole gift in cellophane, and tie it with a ribbon. The recipient can write a fun message on the newly cleared chalkboard to add to their home’s holiday decor.

Cup ’o chocolate cheer  

Cup O Chocolate Cheer Easy homemade holiday food gifts

Mound chocolate cookies or homemade truffles in cups that you have purchased at your local craft store. Cut two small pieces of holiday ribbon, and secure them to the side of the cup with a monogrammed wax seal (you can find the stamp and wax at most craft stores). Presto! Pint-sized perfection to go.

Tray ride  

Tray Ride Easy homemade holiday food gifts

If giving a gift to several people, start by baking a big batch of cookies. The bigger and more rustic the cookie the better. (Try my Christmas cookie recipe.) Find or purchase a decorative tray that appeals to you, and fill it with cookies. Cut a strip of wrapping paper that will go around the entire tray, and then duplicate that process with a smaller ribbon or paper or twine. Download a printable gift tag and attach it to the mountain of cookies. The tray remains as a lovely secondary gift.

Merry Mirrors  

Merry Mirrors Easy homemade holiday food gifts

Find a small mirror you think your gift recipient will admire. (We found an antiqued mercury-glass mirror with a pretty scalloped edge.) Tie a beautiful ribbon around the mirror, and then fill in most of the empty space with holiday sugar cookies. Make sure to nestle some of the cookies under the ribbon. Download a printable gift tag, and slide it or a card under the cookies or tie it onto the ribbon that goes around the mirror. The mirror becomes a lasting reflection of your affection.

Goody box  

Goody Box Easy homemade holiday food gifts

Do you have a lot of people on your nice list? Purchase “perfect for single serving” boxes, and cut brown or white parchment to fit in the box. (Nobody wants a treat that tastes like cardboard.) Fill it with brownies or candy. Tie a sweet string around the box, and attach a printable gift tag to the top. Sweet and simple—perfect for a neighbor, a manicurist or favorite dry-cleaning clerk.

U-tinsel time  

U-Tensil Time Easy homemade holiday food gifts

This homemade holiday gift lets them know you think they have the write stuff all year long. Buy a stylish pencil holder at any store and a handful of pencils. Place cookies in a small cellophane bag, tie with baker’s twine and nestle them inside the pencil holder. Give the pencil holder, cookies and pencils for a desk-worthy gift set. Attach a printable gift tag for a final flourish.

Andy Newcom is a Hallmark photo stylist that enjoys helping people discover that they can live in a world of creative possibilities.