Free, printable Mother’s Day coloring pages to make Mom’s heart melt

A woman's hands coloring an intricately designed free printable Mother's Day coloring page that reads,

Moms treasure their kids’ art like no one else. So what better way to brighten up Mom’s special day than by gifting her one of these free Mother’s Day coloring pages?

We’ve got printable designs for both kids and kids at heart to color, plus pages meant for moms and grandmas. You’ll also find some ideas for gifting your finished Mother’s Day coloring pages, and ways to make it a fun activity for the whole family (or chosen family). So let’s get coloring!

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Mother’s Day coloring pages for kids  

Looking to help your kids create something that will make Mom’s heart melt? Check out the designs below! 

And we totally get it if you want them to be a fun surprise, but coloring can definitely be a family activity, too. Here are some ideas to make it fun for everyone: 

  • Get prepped. Stock up on crayons and markers beforehand, so no one has to wrestle for the same shade of Mom’s favorite color.
  • Set the table. Slip a Mother’s Day coloring page under everyone’s breakfast plate, encouraging everyone to linger at the table for a relaxed start to the day.
  • Switch it up. Set a timer for a few minutes and pass coloring pages around the table every time it dings. You’ll end up with pieces the whole family has poured love into!
  • Add a sweet message. Have kids write a special message on the back before giving it to Mom, so it’s still a surprise.



Mother’s Day coloring pages for adults  

A woman in a bright yellow sweater sitting at a desk and coloring an intricately designed free printable Mother's Day coloring page.


Whether you’re coloring alongside Mom or want to arrange a gathering for your friends (or mom friends) and catch up, the pretty designs below are just the ticket.

We’ve put together a few tips and ideas to make the experience extra fun:

  • Get artsy. In addition to crayons and markers, have coloring pencils around for fancy shading and interesting effects.
  • Set up a simple coffee bar. Brew a fresh pot and add some flavored syrups and store-bought or easily baked treats. Or…
  • Open some wine. Coloring and cabernet sauvignon make an excellent pairing.
  • Share favorite memories. If you’re coloring with Mom, tell her about one of your favorite moments together. If you’re coloring with friends, share something that’s surprised you about motherhood.




Markers and pencils


Tips for shading 

Want to try your hand at shading? We’ve got pretty great artists here at Hallmark, and they’ve got some pretty awesome advice to take your coloring game to the next level.

  • Simplify. Keep things from getting visually overwhelming by limiting colors to just two or three options.
  • Go monochrome. Pick a few shades of the same color (example: pink, dark pink and light pink).
  • Be complimentary. Pick three colors that are next to each other in the rainbow, like green, blue and purple.
  • Under pressure. Use different amounts of pressure to create darker areas, lighter areas and blend different colors.
  • Try pointillism. Use markers to make dots of a darker color (orange) to create shading on a lighter color (yellow). Look at you being all artistic!

What to do with Mother’s Day coloring pages when they’re done  

A free printable Mother's Day coloring page that reads


If Mom isn’t there to pass your work of art to, no problem! We’ve got some ways surprise and delight her with your finished Mother’s Day coloring page. 

  • Tuck it into a card. We’ve got cards for every kind of Mom. The hardest part will be choosing which one she’ll love the most.
  • Wrap flowers with it. Just be sure to wrap your flowers with plastic first, so your coloring page doesn’t get soggy.
  • Wrap your gift with it. If your Mother’s Day gift is on the small side, use your coloring page to wrap it. Whether you keep the colored part on the inside or the outside is up to you! You could also slip it into a gift bag with your Mother’s Day gift.


Whatever you do with your Mother’s Day coloring pages, we hope you have lots of fun and the moms or mother figures in your life who receive them feel so very loved on their special day.

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