Father’s Day desserts

Sweeten Dad up with these 5 manly (but oh-so delicious) dessert recipes

By Jennifer Fujita
Father’s Day Desserts

Dad food means good food, and lots of it. But Father’s Day is not a day for filling him up with froufrou desserts or diet nibbles. Nope, Dad deserves something at the end of his meal that’s as fearless and heroic, as bold and as sweet, as he is. So make him one of these five robust Father's Day desserts. He will thank you—and maybe, just maybe, save you a bite.

Spicy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn

Father’s Day Desserts: Spicy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

This sweet-and-spicy mix is salty, crunchy and more than a little addictive.

Download the Spicy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn recipe


Beer and Pretzel Pudding

Father’s Day Desserts: Beer and Pretzel Pudding #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Chocolate stout makes this rich pudding the perfect base for crunchy pretzels.

Download the Beer and Pretzel Pudding recipe


Cheesecake with Honey Bourbon Sauce

Father’s Day Desserts: Cheesecake with Honey Bourbon Sauce #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Store-bought cheesecake gets a bold twist with bourbon and honey flavors.

Download the Cheesecake with Honey Bourbon Sauce recipe


Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Father’s Day Desserts: Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Drop-dead delicious. Make sure Dad has a nice glass of milk to go with these prizewinning cookies.

Download the Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe


Dessert Nachos

Father’s Day Desserts: Dessert Nachos #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Who says nachos have to be spicy? These dessert nachos are the perfect ending to a Dad-centric dinner.

Download the Dessert Nachos recipe


Bonus No-Bake Option: Father’s Day Cake Toppers

And for those of you in a time crunch, why not buy Dad’s favorite flavor of cake and decorate it with our Father’s Day cake topper printables for a dessert that’s Dad-worthy, but in a super-low-effort way.

Father’s Day Cake Toppers #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas


Bonus Video: 3 S'mores Recipes

Dad will love these oh-so-good-and-gooey s'mores on the grill—there's even one with bacon!—and the kids will love helping put this fun dad's day dessert together. Watch the video for Will Brown's s'mores recipes and helpful how-to's, then Like and Subscribe to the Hallmark and Community channel for more ideas and inspiration to help you connect, create, celebrate and smile.


Jennifer Fuijta cooks and overeats in Kansas City, where she's a writer for Hallmark. Her husband and teenage sons say she's nice except when she is in the kitchen, where she's a total bossypants.