What to write: Birthday messages for your wife

A birthday card that reads,

No matter how long you’ve been married, you know that words mean a lot. And sometimes, the right words at the right time can mean even more. Your wife’s birthday is the perfect example—it’s a time to tell her how much she has made a difference in your life. Maybe even how much of a difference she has made in the world.

And whether your wife is a birthday, birthweek, or birthmonth kind of gal—or even if she’s a “let’s pretend it’s not my birthday” kind of person—writing her a thoughtful birthday message that speaks to how amazing she is is a great way to make her feel appreciated on her big day.

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What’s that? You need help writing that perfect birthday message for your wife? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find inspiration for birthday messages that are sure to make your wife feel loved. We’ve got everything from simple wishes to romance, funny messages and cute words from kids. We’re certain you’ll find a creative and genuine way to tell her just how much she means to you.

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Simple Birthday Wishes for a Wife   

Let’s start with simple birthday wishes for your special woman.

This is an easy way to write birthday card messages to your wife that sweetly express how you feel.

  • Just me, still not believing you actually said yes.
  • Here’s to the day the world got you! So happy I’ve got you, too.
  • Happiest of Birthdays to the Queen of my heart.
  • El más feliz de los cumpleaños para la reina de mi corazón.
  • Birthday and every day, I’m so happy loving you.
  • Today, you get the cake and the presents, but I get the best gift: Another year of you to love!
  • You want a nap today? You got a nap today! Promise.
  • Another year of you? How is this not a national, no, a global holiday?
  • Happy birthday to my significantly better half.
  • You’re my favorite everything.
  • I’m always gonna be down for celebrating you. Happy birthday, beautiful.
  • Little things, big things, in-between things, hope they’re all going your way today!
  • Baby, you are God’s purpose in my life. I’m so blessed with you. Happy Birthday.
  • So happy to celebrate you today, my for-real beautiful soulmate.
  • You are where the light enters my universe, Bae. So happy to celebrate another year of your beautiful self.

Funny Birthday Wishes for a Wife   

Adding a little humor to your card can make it feel more personal to your relationship. If your marriage is basically a contest of who can crack the other up most often, try one of these birthday card messages for your wife!

  • Obviously, you don’t compare yourself to other wives, but I hope you know you’re the best!
  • I promise to stifle all body noises today.
  • I’m going to take care of whatever you say needs taking care of today! Within limits.
  • You have my heart and all my other parts.
  • It’s a celeBAEtion!
  • I can be completely myself with you. For that, I apologize.
  • Today is all about you. And about all the ways I want to love up on you.
  • Time flies when you’re busy being badass! Happy Birthday, babe!
  • I don’t know who needs to hear this today…oh wait…you do! Happy Birthday, phenomenal woman of mine!
  • I want to spoil you on your birthday and give you all the me you could wish for.

Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for a Wife   

If you or your wife are more of the sentimental type, then a thoughtful and loving wish may suit her birthday message needs. Give one of these a try!

  • You’re my favorite. Favorite to do anything or nothing with. Favorite to love.
  • You’re always doing for me and for everyone else. Let’s make this day all about you.
  • Happy birthday to the blessing that is you.
  • Feliz cumpleaños. Eres una bendición en mi vida.
  • I love you more than ever. And I already loved you a ton!
  • I hope this trip around the sun shows you how much light you bring to everyone in your life. Especially me.
  • Baby, wherever you are is where my heart belongs.
  • Can’t help feeling lucky to be the one celebrating with you.
  • Love you from here to the farthest away planet and back. I’m no astronomer, but I assume that’s a lot.
  • Nothing more powerful than the love you’re getting today!
  • You’re my best friend, my biggest source of encouragement, and the best part of my day.
  • You’re the best thing about…everything.
  • What is the meaning of love? You. You are the meaning of love.
  • Never thought I’d get to marry my best friend. You’re my favorite to laugh with, eat with, and nap with. 
  • You’re my birthday bae, all day.
  • Having you as my partner has helped me grow into a kinder, more gentle and loving person.
  • What is love? You in my life, keeping it this real and making it this right. Celebrating all the wonderful things you are.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for a Wife   

You can never go wrong with a little romance. Spice up your card with one of these cute messages.

  • Planning to warm your side of the bed. How that happens is up to you!
  • Love your smile. You know the one.
  • Love to hide under the blankets with you.
  • I’ll let you win the next pillow fight.
  • Love you to the bed and back.
  • Still can’t figure out what I did right to get a woman as great as you, babe.
  • You got ALL the goods, girl/baby. And it’s all SO good. Happy Birthday to your sexy self.
  • I love kissing your face…and other parts of you, too.
  • I think you may have just aged up into your sexual peak. We’d better investigate.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to make out with for life. 
  • No podría haber pedido una mejor pareja con quien comernos a besos el resto de la vida.
  • Let me drop some truth on you, Baby. You blessed with the beauty and the body.
  • You so fine you make me want to invent new ways to celebrate you.

Birthday Poems for a Wife   

Is your special lady the poetic type? Then a few lines of verse in the form of a birthday poem may do the trick as a special message for your wife.

  • You’re the real deal. That’s my spiel.
  • Don’t know about you but I’m still smitten; for your birthday, I’ll clean the kitchen.
  • As bright as the stars, as deep as the ocean…my love for you.
  • All my kisses. All my wishes. All your life.
  • I love you, you love me. Makes me say “Hooray! Yippee!”
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. Enough about flowers. Can I cuddle you?
  • Love you forever. That’s what I said. Love you to pieces. In bed.
  • Celebrating my wonderful wife and our beautiful life!
  • You’ve got style, you’ve got class! And you’ve got a perfect…partner.
  • Another dance around the sun, with my person, with my one.
  • I’m so blessed that you are my wife-y. Gonna love you for all of my life-y.

Helpful tip: Keep the message more about her and less about you. This is your chance to really tell her how you feel in a way that she can save for years to come.

Milestone Birthday Wishes for a Wife   

A milestone birthday can be a big deal, even if she says it’s not. One of these birthday messages for your wife will show her that you’re making an effort to make her feel a little more special than the year before. 

  • Thirty…I like that look on you.
  • Hope 30 is a little flirty and all kinds of purty. (‘Cause you’re purty.)
  • You’re 40, unless you go by hotness, in which case, you’re ageless.
  • It’s no coincidence that “fifty” and “fiiiiiine” both start with f. You’re proof of that.
  • How you started: Hot. How you going: Hotter than ever.
  • Sixty and sexy? Heck yeah, you are.
  • You’re 50 and more phenomenal than ever. And this is YOU we’re talking about, so that’s really saying something!
  • Old soul. Young heart. Hot wife forever.
  • Beauty like yours is ageless. Translation: You gonna always be fine as hell.
  • Una belleza como la tuya es eterna. En otras palabras, tú siempre serás hermosa.
  • Time can’t mess with you. Not with soul-deep beauty like yours.

Birthday Wishes for a Wife Who Is a Mom   

These birthday messages for your wife celebrate her as a mother who keeps you and your family afloat. Think of all the ways she holds the family together and see which message suits her best.

  • You do so much for me and for our family. You deserve a birthday that’s all about you.
  • I’m so happy to be the one sharing your life and raising a family with you.
  • Watching you mom makes me love you even more.
  • Wife. Mom. Snuggle-buddy. You’re the whole package.
  • You’re my beautiful wife, a wonderful mom, and an incredible person. I love you with all my heart.
  • Eres mi bella esposa, una maravillosa mamá y una increíble persona. Te amo con todo mi corazón.
  • Happy birthday to the reason we have such a lucky kid.
  • Amazing mom. Amazing wife. Amazing everything.
  • Great wife, great mom, great at some things I’m not gonna write in a card…
  • You’re the best mom to our kids and the best wife to me.
  • Me and the kids are the lucky ones for sure.
  • Happy birthday to the Queen who holds us down and keeps us feeling royal.
  • Beautiful mama, lovely wife, down best friend, incredible woman. Celebrating your birthday with all the feels today.

Birthday Wishes for a Wife Who Is a Stepmom or Like a Mom  

Every day, she chooses to wake up and love not just you, but your kids, too. Now that’s definitely a woman worth celebrating with a few words of love and appreciation.

  • There are lots of great things about our family. But you joining it has to be the greatest. Happy birthday, babe.
  • You add so much more love to this family, I feel like we’re the ones getting a gift on your birthday.
  • Tú traes tanto amor a esta familia, que siento que nosotros somos los que recibimos un regalo en tu cumpleaños.
  • Happy birthday to the only woman who could make this family more loving, more silly and more special than it already was.
  • We didn’t know we needed you. But you did. Happy birthday to a wife who has some scary-good instincts.
  • Bonus moms get a bonus slice of birthday cake. It’s the law.
  • The only day that’s better than the day you walked into our lives is your birthday. So let’s start celebrating already!

Longtime Married Birthday Wishes for a Wife  

If you’re lucky enough to say you’ve been married to your wife for quite some time, then one of these birthday wishes may work well for you. Think of all the ways you’ve learned to cherish her over the years.

  • Growing older with you is the best thing ever.
  • The more time goes by, the more I love you.
  • Mientras más tiempo pasa, más te amo.
  • Every birthday you celebrate comes with even more to love about you.
  • Love binge-watching life with you.
  • Don’t mind me looking at you looking just as soulful and lovely as ever.
  • One of us is getting better with age. Hint: It’s you.
  • You are putting the gold in these golden years!
  • Our inside jokes are my fave. Thanks for making life together so fun.
  • Every part of forever with you is fun.
  • Thanks for making my ever after so happy.
  • Time can’t give me enough of you, Baby. 
  • Time can only refine what’s beautiful and strong to begin with. 

Warm Closings   

Now that you have your birthday message to your wife figured out, you can sign off with one of these sweet closings below to bring your message together and personalize it even more.

  • Forever your love,
  • Always and forever,
  • Por siempre y para siempre,
  • With my sincerest love,
  • Love your boo,
  • Always your bae,
  • Your biggest fan,
  • Dedicated to you,
  • Your favorite kisser,
  • Your other half,
  • All my love,
  • Con todo mi amor,


We hope these birthday messages inspire you to write something she’ll love. If all else fails, remember: As long as you write from the heart, your birthday message to your wife will feel genuine and show her how much you care.