What to write: Birthday wishes for sisters

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Our relationships with our sisters can be beautiful, fun and funny, complex and complicated, and even messy things. Sisters can be our Day Ones or the ones who grow into our closest friends and confidants. But there’s nobody quite like a sister. That’s why a sister’s birthday is a great time to let her know just how you feel about her and why she’s important in your life.

So, just for you, our sister-having writing experts teamed up to give you some fresh ideas for what to write in your sister’s birthday card.

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Simple Wishes  

Do the two of you have a laid-back vibe and just really get each other? If so, a sweet and simple birthday message might be perfect for your sister.

  • Hope this year is pure magic, just like you, Sis.
  • Have a birthday as cool as you. Or, even better, as cool as you and me together!
  • Hope your day is all kittens riding unicorns.
  • Have a perfect day.
  • Girl, we’re gonna get you good and celebrated!
  • A queen like you deserves a royally beautiful day.
  • Enjoy some sweet dreams for the coming year.
  • Mi Hermana, mi primer amiga.
  • Happy Birthday, and thanks for being such a great sister.
  • Today is a day for celebrating your absolute bomb-ness.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis. Hope it’s a good day that starts a great year.
  • The best sister deserves the best birthday ever. 
  • La mejor hermana se merece el mejor cumpleaños. 
  • You’re just the friggin’ best, that’s all!
  • Couldn’t imagine life without ya!

Funny Wishes  

Maybe you and your sis are more about cracking each other up. We love to see it. And congratulations on this good thing you’ve got with her! Here are some funny birthday wishes for sisters you might be interested in borrowing.

  • Hope you have a happy birthday! Though since you have me for a sibling, I assume you’re always happy.
  • You were always my favorite growing up…right behind the dog.
  • We’re adults now. And like, in charge of things. So the world is in deep crap.
  • Are you gonna have a happy birthday? Or are you gonna throw a tantrum and then we all have to leave the restaurant? 
  • We have the same damn DNA. How dare you look better than me? 
  • Sis, you deserve extra sweetness today. So get some cake in your face!
  • Your FACE should have a happy birthday. (The rest of you, too.)
  • Hope you have an awesome day filled with NOT stealing my fries.
  • To the sibling I never asked for, but glad I have. Most of the time.
  • Thanks for always being there for me…especially when I need a new podcast to listen to.
  • Know how we’re the two baddest bosses on the whole entire planet? Today it’s all you.
  • Sé que te robaste mi camisa, pero te amo como quiera.
  • Happy Birthday to one of my biggest influences. (I won’t specify which kind.)
  • You may be another year older, sure. But more mature? I don’t think so. 
  • For a twin sister: I could never forget your birthday! (Yes, I’m aware it’s also mine.) 


For a belated birthday: 

  • I didn’t forget your birthday. Unless you’re my sister. 
  • I would wish you an unforgettable birthday, but clearly I already forgot it.
  • Te desearía un cumpleaños inolvidable, pero como ya me conoces, se me olvidó. 
  • Sorry this is late…I was busy borrowing your favorite sweater.

We asked our Hallmark crew to share their favorite family birthday ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration to start a new tradition for your Sis’s birthday, you’re welcome. 

From Sister  

Whether you get along like besties with your sister or the only thing you can agree on is that air has oxygen in it, here are some birthday wishes from one sister to another.

  • Happy Birthday, Bossypants. Love, Pain in the Butt.
  • We’ve somehow reached an age where comfortable underpants make hella sense.
  • Thanks for keeping all my secrets. (You are still keeping them, right?)
  • Gracias por guardar todos mis secretos. (Todavía los sigues guardando, ¿verdad?)
  • Why is it that people accidentally call me [your name], but on your birthday, they don’t accidentally buy me presents? Anyway, have a happy birthday, and give me some presents.
  • You used to be a little brat. Now you’re a big brat. Congrats.
  • Sis, you’ve always had my back. And I hope you know I’ll always have yours.
  • Hope it’s OK I got ink on your sweater signing this.
  • I’d say it was fun growing up with you, but I don’t think either of us is grown-up.
  • You’re my favorite partner in crime! (Sounds better than “accomplice.”)
  • Hey, Sis! We might be a little older, but we’re never too old to tear it up on your birthday!
  • You’re such a big part of who I am—and that’s just the way I like it. 
  • Our relationship grows and changes through time, but the closeness stays the same.
  • You get older, I get older…but what never gets old is the fun of having you for a sister.
  • Love the sister, the friend, the beautiful person you are!
  • Girl, you don’t let anybody dull your shine. Makes me proud to be your sister.
  • Happy Birthday to my big pain in the butt sister.
  • You might be my little sister, but you have the biggest heart.
  • We’re gonna be sisters no matter what.

From Brother  

Maybe you’re a big brother to a little sister. Or a little brother to a big sister. Either way, the bond you have is something special. Need some ideas for telling your sister that? Here you go:

  • Don’t worry­­—I won’t tease you about getting older. I’ve already teased you enough for one lifetime.
  • You’re still as weird as ever, but I love ya, Sis!
  • I had my doubts, but you turned out all right. 
  • It’s your birthday. You can ride shotgun.
  • For your birthday, you can choose one embarrassing story about your past that I’ll never mention again in front of family. Or on social media.
  • For your birthday, I won’t make fun of you for one whole day!
  • For a twin sister: Congratulations. You get to pick the birthday cake flavor this time.
  • Have a great birthday and remember—I’m still the favorite child.
  • Que tengas un feliz cumpleaños, y recuerda que aún soy el hijo favorito. 
  • From a little brother: Happy Birthday from the chronological baby in the family to the emotional baby in the family. 
  • From a big brother: Just because you’re not little anymore doesn’t mean I won’t keep showing up for you like a big brother should. Happy Birthday.
  • Stop touching this card! Stop touching this card!
  • Please stay on your own half of this card.
  • I’m your brother. You’re my sister. Teasing is mandatory.
  • Sis, you are an amazing example of what it means to be a strong woman. Love that, and you.
  • It’s fun being your brother. You’re goofy.
  • Nuh-uh, YOU’RE the one with the birthday.
  • Behind every strong sister is a brother who played too much. 
  • Happy Birthday from the golden child. 
  • Happy Birthday to my sister. Also, sibling rivalry isn’t dead, so if you could just turn the spotlight back on me, that’d be great. Thanks.
  • You can have your 15 minutes of birthday fame, but I’m gonna need the rest of the day.
  • What’s on your face? That birthday glow, that’s what! (What did you think I was going to say?)
  • How can today just be about YOU? What about meeeeeeeee???
  • It was all fun and games until you came along. Now it’s more fun and games!
  • You becoming my sister is one of the coolest things that ever happened. Love you, Sis. 

From Half-Sister  

Half sisters might be your sibling from another mother or mister. But there’s nothing “half” about the whole way you can love one another. Show her some love with these messages. 

  • There’s nothing “half” about our love.
  • You make family feel like friendship.
  • Wishing my half sister a happy birthday with my whole heart.
  • As siblings go, you’re my better half.
  • Love the uniqueness of our family. Love you. 
  • Glad we wound up in this family together.
  • I really lucked out getting a sis like you.
  • I couldn’t have picked a better sibling.
  • As sisters, we’re perfectly blended.
  • No podría haber elegido una mejor hermana. 

From Stepsister or Adopted Sister  

The heart knows what it knows. No matter what, you’re sisters. We’ve got birthday messages for that.

  • Glad we teamed up as family.
  • Glad we became siblings. Not sure if I should congratulate you or apologize!
  • Real family doesn’t need any “step” in front of it.
  • Happy Birthday from a real bonus of a sibling!
  • Happy that we’ve got each other.
  • Yeah, you’re not getting rid of me that easy!
  • Love did its special thing and made us sisters.
  • So happy that life made us family.
  • Soy tan feliz de que la vida nos hizo familia. 
  • To my bonus sis—thanks for being as real as a sister gets!
  • I’m glad to have an amazing sister like you.
  • Happy Birthday to my bestie for the restie. Best sis, best sidekick, best friend.

For Sister-in-Law  

So your sibling got married and gave you a sister-in-law. Or you got married and got your spouse’s sister in the bargain. Congrats! You’re winning in the sister department. Show these sisters they’ve got a special place in your heart, too.

  • It feels like we’ve always been family. So lucky to have you as my sister-in-law and my friend.
  • Happy Birthday to the best thing that ever happened to my brother/sister/sibling!
  • For your birthday: A free pass to mess about your spouse with me when you need to with someone who loves them, too.
  • I’m so glad you’re part of the family—Happy Birthday!
  • Me alegra tanto que seas parte de la familia. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
  • Having you for a bonus sister is a pretty awesome gift. Wishing you a pretty awesome birthday!
  • Marrying you will ALWAYS be the best decision my sibling ever made. 
  • Love you, Sis, and Happy Birthday!
  • You deserve the biggest present ever for putting up with my brother.
  • I’m so glad you’re in my life. Now I can officially ignore my brother/sister!
  • You won a prize when you married my sibling. ME!
  • You’re the sister I never had but now have! (Also, sorry about my brother/sister/sibling.)
  • I lucked out with my hubby/wife/spouse. But I’m blessed with you.
  • When I got married, I got the love of my life and the sister of a lifetime, all at once.
  • I got me a sister from another source! Lucky me!
  • It’s nice knowing I finally have a cool sibling.
  • Someone I can finally team up with to fight my brother’s/sister’s/sibling’s antics! 
  • Finally, my brother/sister makes a good decision. So happy we’re family!

For Someone Like a Sister  

Some women walk into your life as friends and grow into sisters. Her love and friendship do all the things for your spirit and your heart. Let her know how much she means with one of these birthday messages.

  • You don’t need the title of “sister” to be so freaking amazing. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Our sisterhood is forever.
  • Somos hermanas para siempre.
  • Yes, this is a birthday card for a sister. Because that’s what you are to me, and I’ll never stop being grateful for you.
  • Sometimes I wish we’d been born as sisters, but then I remember how you are in the mornings.
  • May you be sufficiently caffeinated on your birthday, Sis.
  • Eres la hermana que la vida me regaló.
  • You’re like a sister to me! Meaning you sometimes annoy me, and you borrow my stuff.
  • You’re the best kind of sister—the kind I got to choose. Hope you have the best kind of birthday.
  • Sis, I could not do this without you. And by “this” I mean life and all the things.
  • When you know, you know. You’ve been blessed with a sister for life. Like I have.
  • Thank you for being a loving sister to my spirit.
  • We can count on each other to lift one another up and hold each other down.

For a Faraway Sister  

It’s not right that we can’t always be with our sisters to celebrate their special day. Why won’t time and distance let us live?? So when you can’t be together, make your words matter even more with one of these birthday wishes.

  • FYI, I tried on your birthday gift. It looks supercute on me, so it’ll definitely look amazing on you.
  • Sending you some long-distance hugs!
  • Me not being there for your birthday means your leftovers won’t already be eaten when you get home, and you won’t be out of shampoo either. You’re welcome!
  • Growing up, I spent half the time wishing you’d get lost. Now I wish you lived next door!
  • Wish I could be there to do your birthday up big with you!
  • So sorry I can’t be there for your birthday. Next time I see you, we are celebrating!
  • You’re my sister, and that means we share a connection that’s bigger than any distance.
  • Eres mi hermana, y eso significa que tenemos una conexión más grande que cualquier distancia. 
  • Thinking of you with love and so many good memories today… 
  • Whenever I get sad about living so far from you, Sis, I remind myself that no town could handle BOTH of us tearing it up. 
  • Hey, Sis! Sending you all the birthday wishes over there, from over here. 
  • It’s fun that our adventures include more jet-setting now, but I’d still take a hometown adventure with you any day.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! Looking forward to celebrating you the next time we’re in the same zip code.
  • Missing you so much on your birthday! We need to celebrate together soon! 
  • Distance can’t stop me from sending you so much birthday love. 
  • You’re as close as the memories that make me laugh right out loud.
  • I was going to send you a ticket to fly out here for your birthday, but then I saw this lovely card and thought I’d remind you what a lovely sibling I am instead. You’re welcome! Happy You Day!
  • How is there no transporter machine yet? I need us to co-eat cake today.
  • Girl, I’d walk a thousand miles to celebrate you. But I’m wearing the wrong shoes. Celebrating you hard from here tho!
  • The Queen should be surrounded by her adoring public today. Sorry I can’t adore in person. But I do adore.

For Difficult Sister Relationships  

And sometimes things between sisters are hard and not how we want them to be. But we can still let our sisters know that, no matter what, love matters.

  • We may not always see eye to eye, but you’ll always be in my heart.
  • I’m thinking of you and sending my love on your special day.
  • No one understands me like you do! For better and/or worse. 🙂
  • We’ve been through a lot together…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Siempre significarás mucho para mí.
  • Hope your birthday is all you want it to be.
  • May this be one of your best days.
  • Que este sea uno de tus mejores días. 
  • I can’t help but laugh over some fun memories today. Hope your day is bringing you good thoughts, too.
  • Sure hope you have a great day. Miss ya, Sis.
  • You deserve the happiest birthday, Sister. I hope it’s everything you’re wishing for.
  • It makes me smile to think back on some of your childhood birthdays and I hope this year’s celebration makes you smile, too.
  • You know how I am with words, so this won’t be long, but I at least want to say Happy Birthday, Sister. You are so loved.
  • You mean a lot to me, and I’m wishing you happiness. Today and always.
  • Just wanted you to know I always think of you this time of year.
  • I’m glad we’re on this planet together. Miss you.
  • On your birthday, I like to think of us still wishing under the same stars.


We hope you found lots of ideas to inspire you for your sister’s birthday card! If you’re looking for more birthday message inspiration, we’ve got ideas for friends, moms and everyone else, too.

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