What to write: Message ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

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Everyone knows that behind every well-run office is a great administrative assistant, and Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect time to really show your appreciation for them! 

If you’re looking for something more to say that goes beyond a basic “thank you,” (and let’s face it—they deserve it!) we’re here to help. We’ve asked our team of writers to come up with lots of Administrative Professionals Day messages so you can find the perfect funny, thoughtful or meaningful way to express just how grateful you are for all they do. 

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Simple wishes for Administrative Professionals Day  

Sometimes simple is the way to go. If you want your Administrative Professionals Day message to get straight to the point of how great they are, here are some options that will do just that.

  • Hope your day is as great as you are. 
  • You’re a joy to work with. 
  • You do so much—and every bit of it is appreciated. 
  • Hope you have a fantastic day—you’ve really earned it! 
  • What you do is everything! 
  • Don’t know what I’d do without you! 
  • Wishing the best admin the best day! 
  • Wishing you an easy, smiley day! 
  • I appreciate you so much! 
  • You do a lot of stuff behind the scenes, and I want you to know I see you. 
  • You have the best attitude. Thanks for always being flexible. 
  • Don’t forget, we’re here for YOU, too. 
  • As far as admins go, you’re the GOAT! 
  • The best admins keep it profesh! Thanks for all you do. 
  • We’ve got nothing but gratitude for all you do. Thank you. 
  • You make it look easy, but I know how much you do. 
  • Today’s about you and how much we appreciate what you do. 
  • Thanks for being you. The office is way better because of it. 

Funny wishes for Administrative Professionals Day  

There’s no doubt that work can be serious business, but Administrative Professionals Day messages definitely don’t have to be! Here are some fun and lighthearted examples that’ll make your admin smile:

  • You’re like the one person who knows the answer to everything around here. Thank you for that. 
  • Happy Administrative Professionals Day! It’s a borderline miracle that I remembered to get this card without your help. 
  • Without you, I think this place would literally crumble to the ground. 
  • Thanks for being the person around here who actually gets work done! 
  • You really put the “pro” in “administrative professional.” 
  • Tried faxing this. Couldn’t get the machine to work. Basically, I’m useless without you. 
  • Everyone knows: When in doubt, just ask [your admin’s name]. 
  • I tried asking Alexa for help and she referred me to you. 
  • Please never leave us. Never ever. 
  • Happy Administrative Professionals Day from all of us, even the one who steals office supplies. You know the one. 
  • With you around, we have a permanent case of the Fridays. 
  • You are literally taking care of business every day. Someone should write a song about that. 
  • You’ve got the key to the office supplies and to our hearts. Love working with you every day—although Mondays still bite. 
  • Thanks for helping me win the “I have the best admin ever!” prize. Damn! You’re good at this! 
  • How do you keep a straight face through all our dumb requests? It’s impressive. 
  • You save my butt over and over. Please keep doing that! 
  • Thanks for not just rolling your eyes at us all the time. 
  • This place would be utter chaos without you. Thanks for all you do! 
  • Without you, we’d be putting toner in the coffee maker. 
  • Wishing you the best possible day you can have while having to put up with us. 
  • You kick butt around here! And not ours! Which shows remarkable restraint. 
  • Thanks to you Mondays suck a little less. 
  • Work feels a little less like work when you’re around. 
  • You bring all the good vibes to the office. 
  • Hope you get a moment to pat yourself on the back today. 
  • Thanks for putting up with me and my terrible tech skills. There’s a special place in heaven for people like you, I just know it. 
  • I would literally be lost without you. Like, I’d probably be wandering around on the wrong floor or something. 
  • Thanks for coming back every single day. You don’t seem to scare easily. 
  • You know everything. You’re like a human search engine. 
  • You keep coming back for more…of us. Are you feeling okay? 
  • You’re the office superhero, for sure. 
  • We have so much love for you. In a very HR-appropriate way, of course. 
  • We push your buttons every day. And you still keep a smile on your face. (But seriously, I think I broke the copier.) 
  • You must be a wizard. That’s the only explanation for how magical you are. 

Pro tip: Messages with a bit of humor can still be very meaningful and are a particularly great option when you know your admin well and want to share a laugh. 

Sincere gratitude wishes for Administrative Professionals Day  

Administrative professionals often go above and beyond for us, so there’s no need to be shy about letting them know just how valued and appreciated they are. These message ideas will do just that.

  • You’re THAT co-worker. The one people always brag about. 
  • You work harder than pretty much anyone I know, and this place just wouldn’t function without you. Thanks so much for everything you do. 
  • The stuff you do behind the scenes is what makes everything else we do possible. 
  • You’re not only a good admin—you’re also a great person. Your kindness and positivity make my whole day better, and I’m so grateful to work with you. 
  • What you do is straight-up foundational to what we all do. We can’t thank you enough for keeping us all together all the time. 
  • Work getting managed. Problems getting solved. Days being made. That’s all because of you. 
  • We might not say it often enough, but we all know it: You’re the best. 
  • It’s such a joy to work with someone as awesome as you. 
  • You help us do our best, just by being you. 
  • You’re at the heart of our team. 
  • You’re a caterer, therapist, IT specialist and party planner all rolled into one. You’re just amazing.
  • You always put your best foot forward and it shows. 
  • You always know how to bring out the best in others and make us feel like we can handle any issue. 
  • We appreciate all you do, but more importantly, we appreciate the amazing person you are. 
  • You really shine every day in every way. 
  • I love the little things you do to make our day—sneak in some treats, take care of something before we even ask, and tackle a new project even when your plate is already way too full. Honestly, these aren’t little things at all. They’re huge. And you’re amazing. 
  • Just wanted you to feel like the most appreciated administrative professional in the world today. Because that’s what you deserve. 
  • You make a difficult job look easy. It’s amazing and we’re so thankful. 

Pro tip: Getting a little mushy doesn’t always feel natural to everyone. However, if you’re speaking from your heart and your message is sincere, it will absolutely be appreciated by whoever is lucky enough to be receiving it! 

Wishes for Administrative Professionals Day from all of us  

Administrative Professionals Day messages from a group? We’ve totally got you covered. Choose one of these options to say, “Thanks from all of us!”

  • We couldn’t do this job without you. You’re the best. 
  • Our success truly depends on you. 
  • We see how much you do. None of it goes unnoticed. 
  • We all count on you—and you never let us down. Thanks for being amazing. 
  • Everyone loves a great admin. So this is everyone, saying “Thank You.” 
  • You love your job, and we all love you. 
  • The whole staff appreciates what you do for us. We’re really lucky. 
  • Wish we could tell you to take the day off, but we need you too much, as usual. 
  • You’re the glue that holds us all together. 
  • You work with all of our different personalities and needs so well. 
  • We love having you around the office. You’re pretty much our favorite. 
  • Without a doubt, you take our team to the next level. 
  • Don’t know where we’d be without your mad skills. 
  • Everything you do for the team is stellar. We appreciate you so much. 
  • How’d we get so lucky to have a co-worker like you? 
  • You make all of our jobs easier, and we couldn’t be more grateful for you.
  • We took a poll and all agree: You’re the best. 
  • We’re lucky as heck to have you on our team.
  • Every team needs a hero. You’re ours. 
  • We love coming in to work and seeing you. You make it feel not-so-ugh. 

Wishes to go with a gift card on Administrative Professionals Day  

Giving your admin a gift card? Look no further for Administrative Professionals Day messages that will perfectly pair with your token of appreciation!

  • This is just a small gift to thank you for the great gift of working with you. 
  • Treat yourself to something fun! 
  • You give so much of your time, energy and devotion to our team. We wanted to give something back to you, too. 
  • No one deserves this more than you. Hope you enjoy this gift of thanks. 
  • Your contributions are priceless. Here’s something for the things that aren’t.
  • Just wanted to spoil you a little bit today. You deserve it. 
  • Here’s a treat for someone who’s a treat to work with! 
  • Time to treat yourself as well as you always treat us. 

Warm closings  

Once you’ve landed on just the right message of appreciation to write to your hardworking admin, all that’s left to do is figure out a good way to sign off. Here are some heartfelt and happy ways to end your Administrative Professionals Day message with the right tone. 

  • Have the best day!
  • Cheers to you!
  • You’re the best.
  • Thanks again for all you do. 
  • Sincerely and appreciatively,
  • With gratitude,


We hope these message ideas will help you express all the gratitude owed to your team’s MVP on Administrative Professionals Day. And remember—no matter how you say it, just knowing their efforts are noticed and appreciated will make your admin feel amazing.

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