You’ve been booed: 3 Halloween boo bag kit ideas

Three different ideas for boo baskets—one for a child that features Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, a Hocus Pocus-themed one, and a bag for adults that includes wine and a Nightmare Before Christmas ornament—sit together on a multicolored background.

Being a kid on Halloween is pretty magical. You can finally show off your costume, houses are decorated with all sorts of creepy-cool decorations, and you get a ridiculous amount of candy (with permission from your parents to eat way too much of it that night). 

Want to give that kid-on-Halloween feeling to some of the adults in your life? We’ve got two words for you: boo bags! Think of it kind of like adult trick-or-treating, except they don’t have to leave the house and alcohol is involved. Or, help little ones “boo” some of their friends with kid-friendly ones, too! To see how we made them—and get some free printables to help—keep reading. 

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First thing’s first—what exactly is a “boo”?  

A boo is an anonymous goodie bag that you leave on someone’s front doorstep. It could be a neighbor, a friend, someone from church or anyone else you want to surprise with something sweet. But the point is to be discreet and encourage folks to pass on the “boo” to a new person. Don’t worry—our free printables (see below) have instructions to tell them how to do it.

Kid-friendly boo bag kit  

A boo basket idea for kids includes a candy corn and pumpkin Better Together set, a zipalong spider plush, a tissue paper surprise treat made to look like a ghost, some Halloween stickers, a Halloween card, and a tote bag and button featuring Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

Learn how you and your kids can collect candy while making a difference for others this Halloween with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

Maybe you wanna be the cool aunt/uncle/big sibling/adult who goes above and beyond for the kids in your life on Halloween. Or maybe you’ve got little ones of your own who want to share in some of the Halloween fun and boo their friends. Either way, this boo bag kit is full of goodies any kid or parent/caregiver would love (yes, really—it’s sugar-free!).  

For some plush cuteness (and none of the creepy crawling), start with this spider zip-a-long and this candy corn and pumpkin Better Together set.  A DIY tissue paper Halloween treat like this little ghost is a fun way to surprise them—an applesauce twist pouch would be a fun treat to disguise for little ones! To help them decorate lunchboxes or pencil cases, throw in either of these jack-o-lantern or cats & jack stickers (coming soon). And no boo basket for a kiddo would be complete without a cute Halloween card. Use our “Boo to you!” pennant free printable to top it all off.

And did you happen to notice the cute pennant and little black tote? We’re partnering with UNICEF to raise awareness about their Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign. Read about how you and your kids can help make another child’s day a little sweeter this Halloween right here

Knock, knock, neighbors!  

A Disney Hocus Pocus-themed boo basket could include a Sanderson Sisters Better Together set, a light up Hocus Pocus witch's cauldron, a mug that reads,

Okay, okay, so the kids have had their fun. Now it’s time for the grown-ups to shine! This boo bag kit is full of decorative goods to get your neighbors in the Halloween spirit. 

First, make sure you print a copy of our free printable to leave with your boo bag or basket. It lets them know they’ve been booed and how to pass it on to other neighbors. Then it’s on to the ghoulish goodies!

This Disney Hocus Pocus-themed treat bowl, equipped with light and sound to surprise unsuspecting trick or treaters is sure to inspire tons of nostalgia. Keep the witchy vibes going with this Hocus Pocus mug and Sanderson Sisters Better Togethers set. Tuck in a card featuring a crystal ball that foretells of a frightfully good time (coming soon), and finish it off with some colorful treat bags fancied up with some fringe and filled with their favorite treat to look like a broom! Here’s how:

Making witchy broom treat bags is easy—all you need are Halloween treat bags, some colored pencils, tissue paper, ribbon, scissors and, of course, treats!

What you’ll need:

•  Halloween treat bags
•  Colored pencils
•  Tissue paper
•  Ribbon
•  Scissors
•  Treats

A woman's hands cut fringe into the top of a Halloween treat bag.

Cut a couple inches off the top (opening) of the treat bag. Then with the top of the bag facing toward you, cut into the bag about half of the way down, making strips of fringe about 1/2″ wide.

A woman's hand placing individually wrapped Halloween chocolates into the bottom of a Halloween treat bag with fringe cut at the top.

Add a few handfuls of treats to the bottom of your treat bag.

A woman places a bundle of treats wrapped in tissue paper into the bottom of the Halloween treat bag with fringe cut at the top.

Grab some tissue paper, scrunch it into a loose ball and place it on top of the treats inside the bag. This will give the bag volume when you tie it shut.

A woman's hands tie the Halloween treat bag closed with orange ribbon.

Close the top of the bag up, gather the fringe together, and tie it off tight with a piece of ribbon.

A woman's hands stick an orange colored pencil in the top of the tied off treat bag, creating an effect that looks like a witch's broom.

Finally, stick a brand new colored pencil (or a few!) in the top of the treat bag to serve as the witch’s broom handle.

Three Halloween treat bags made to look like witches' brooms sit on a white surface in front of a pale purple background.

Abracadabra! Now you have some witchy broom treat bags ready for boo-ing.

You’ve been boo-zed  

A boozy boo basket idea for friends includes a bottle of wine with our free printable attached, some hand painted mini pumpkins, a Jack Skellington ornament, an heirloom pumpkin scented candle, and a Halloween card with gold foil spiderwebs featured on the front with the message,

We did mention there’d be alcohol, right? Boo a friend with some bubbly, starting with this free printable to attach to the bottle. Then add some fun gifts to round it out.

This Heirloom Pumpkin scented candle (it’s basically fall in a jar). Finish your sweet surprise with some tissue paper decoupage mini pumpkins and a shimmering spider web card (coming soon). Then place everything inside this bright “Happy Halloween” gift bag so there’s no question what these treats are all about. 

Are you ready to make your boo-tiful bags, yet? From kiddos to adults, we know there’ll be some scare-tastic smiles comin’ with these Halloween boo bag ideas. 


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