Spring coloring pages to help you celebrate brighter days

Free printable spring coloring pages spread on a light yellow surface and surrounded by a scattering of crayons, colored pencils and daisies.

It’s spring! And in our book, spring means color. It’s in the flowers that pop up, the birds that come back and the outfits we dig from the back of our closets. Which is perfect, because we can only handle so much gray.

Personally, we can’t think a better way to celebrate the return of color after a long, dark winter than coloring. It’s basically like having a rainbow at your fingertips. So break out the crayons and sharpen those colored pencils—we’ve got some serious shading to do!

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Welcome a world of color with kids  

Do kids really need a reason to color? No. But do they love an opportunity to sit down with you and color? Yes. They might get a little (read: very) bossy about where and how you should do it, but kids love having you there, creating by their side.

Here are some fun ways to use these free, printable spring coloring pages with kids:

  • Color the same printable, but tell them no peeking while it’s in progress. Afterward, compare which parts of your coloring page are the same and which ones are different. Give them extra creativity points for number of colors used or advanced ideas like incorporating patterns.
  • Show them how to shade. Blending colors and using different amounts of pressure to create shading isn’t terribly hard, but to them it’ll seem like magic. See our tips for shading near the end of the article!
  • Use this coloring session as an excuse to gift them a new box of crayons. Because they’re nothing like that new crayon feeling.
  • If you celebrate Purim, make our color-and-cut Purim mask part of the party!



If you need some supplies, we have suggestions:

Set up a coloring date with close friends  

If you’ve never sat around and colored with friends…we’re sorry, but what are you waiting for?? It’s so relaxing, and it gives you a fun activity to do while you’re catching up, without anyone feeling pressure to keep the conversation going.

Some ways to make it more of a thing:

  • Make an invite! We guarantee the prospect of coloring will sound fun to pretty much everyone.
  • Serve a colorful cocktail. A classic tequila sunrise is easy and pretty. But if you search for “colorful cocktails,” you’ll get a ton of other cool options.
  • Have lots of coloring options available. Stock up on crayons, markers and colored pencils here, or tell your friends to bring what they have.
  • Serve finger food. Chips and dip, appetizers on toothpicks, a cheese board…all great, easy options for a fun night coloring with friends.



We have LOTS more coloring pages, for pretty much any time of year. Check them out!