Mighty mini meals: 6 kid-friendly muffin tin recipes

Mighty mini meals: 6 kid-friendly muffin tin recipes

Bigger is not always better. In fact, when it comes to the dinner table, big can be downright daunting for kids…especially if your little ones tend to get picky about their food.

But fear not, Mom! There’s an easy fix for this pint-sized problem—miniature meals. Our six easy meal-in-a-muffin-tin recipes—two breakfast, two dinner and two dessert—will have your kids begging for seconds (and to help you mix up the ingredients). All you need are two mini-muffin tins and a shrink-ray (not really)—and soon your family will be yelling, “Mom, you shrunk the kids’…food! Do it again!”

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Mini pigs in a blanket


Make these cute breakfast treats with precooked sausages and baking mix. Then heat up some syrup for dipping.

Mini pepperoni pizza puffs

Pepperoni pizzettes

Forget about carryout pizza. These mini pizzas are faster, lighter and way more fun to eat. Baking mix, cheese and Italian herbs come together in ten minutes to make tiny pizzas you can dip in pizza sauce.

Hashtag potato puffs recipe

Breakfast hashtags

If you have a bag of tater tots, eggs and cheese, you can make these fun little treats for a quick breakfast—or even freeze them to microwave on busy mornings.

Baked mac and cheese bites

Mighty mac and cheese bites

Eat boxed mac and cheese with your fingers! All it takes is a little extra cheese and a mini muffin tin.

Mini fruit pies

Cutie pies

Too adorable to eat? Nope, they’re just adorable enough. We’ll show you how to turn two ingredients into loads of fun!

Ice-cream sundae bites

Ice-cream sundae bites

Get creative with these layered goodies and add your favorite toppings for this new twist on ice cream sundaes.

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